I’m making a game!! (quick update)

After exam week, I started working on a project with a team. We are making a dark themed otome game. I really hope it will be good.

I should be making a quick review on The men of Yoshiwara soon. For now what I can say is this: It makes me happy to see an mature otome game to be translated but what makes me mad is that they basically gave us an export of the mobile version. That means I payed 25 bucks (I think, might have been more expensive, I know for sure it is now.) for a mobile export. The lack of voice acting is what makes the game less good even though I love this game, sadly, I don’t know if I can recommend it if you have to pay that much money…


Liebster award ! Thanks for the nominations ^ – ^

I have been nominated 2 times !!! Wow !! Thanks Neko-Chan and Leafy ❤

I am finally done with my exam so here it is!

This is a 11 question thing but because I have been nominated by 2 people I’ll ask all the questions (if they aren’t the same)

1. What is your most favorite anime/manga and why?

This one is hard!!! My favorite anime is Another, based on a light novel of the same name. Both are freaking amazing. It is suspense story and it’s really screwed up. There is a manga also but I didn’t read it.

My favorite manga is harder to answer. I love Skip Beat but is it my favorite? I’m not sure… I also loved Fruit Basket, I am reading Hibi Chouchou and Last Game which are both really good. And I really enjoy Noragami as well… Why? Usually I love cheesy romance… yeah… And because the guys are hot… I got no shame at all xD (I’m a perverted woman eheheh)

2. How did you discover/get into anime/manga?

It really started when a friend of mine showed be Vampire Knight (and I don’t even like this anime lol). After that, I took on manga because I couldn’t watch anime (We had timed internet, you know, in the old (not so old) days xD). I read Zettai Kareshi and then this took of and I read more and more. I read 1/2 Prince and I never stopped reading manga after that. The moment I could, I started watching stuff. I started with Princess Mononoke. I’ve learned English with anime/manga mostly xD And now I can blog like this!

3. Is there a scene in a particular anime/manga/book/movie that made you cry for being able to relate to it a lot?

That made me cry… I can’t even count them on my hands and feet anymore but because I related to it? Um… That is really hard Neko-Chan >.< I guess

Spoilers for Elfen Lied

I guess when the little dog is beaten to death by some random kids. I got animals and one of my cat fell sick one day and I’m almost certain that he was poisoned by one of my neighbor. This broke me down really hard and seeing this little dog made me cry more than I’d want to admit…

4. Why did you make a blog?

I love to write but I’m the kind of person that won’t do so because no one is reading. I had a deviant art but I wasn’t happy with it. I wanted a blog to share stuff that I like, love and dislike and I choose WordPress because it’s basically better than tumblr to me. I wanted to make review and share my stories and drawings… I wasn’t expecting anyone to stick around to read me though xD but I am super happy with this and it’s the people who read me that makes me want to keep this up, even with school being time-consuming.

5. If you could choose to be part of a fictional world (whatever type of fiction) what world would you choose and what would your role be in this world?

I would say my own world if I can… It’s a messed up world full of gods and demons that can be quite dark but I would love to be a part of the Seraphim Swords, a group of angels that defend the Light Realm, home of the gods.

Okay enough rambling, I don’t think any of you know about this so I’m going to answer with The Elder Scrolls. I keep telling my boyfriend that I’m a Nord and also I live in Canada so that’s quite Skyrim-like. I love Skyrim aha!

6. Yeah, you might have a waifu, but what about…a HUSBANDO?! Tell us all about this sexy beast, and don’t limit yourself to any amount of guys. The limit is up to you;)

F!CK YEAH Leafy !!! I Got a lot so prepare yourself!! (I got a harem) Basically, when I was younger, I had Link. This one :

Credits to TixieLix

Next one would be my own creations (Without pretension, I created them so they are obviously my type xD) :

My sexy Thomas. He isn’t really talkative outside of work ( He inspire to become voice actor) He has the sweetest deepest nicest voice in the world but he is quite introverted and quite afraid of the outside world…

Kaeth. His shyness crack me up >-<

(This is an old drawing…) General Ethan. He’s really freaking mean but I don’t care because I made him, he has to respect me xD

Now for the others :

Satsuki/Natsuki from Uta no Prince-Sama

Credit goes to the artist

He’s so bad and so cute omg *dies* He plays the violin and he like sweets. He is not as goofy in the VN’s as in the anime…

Also Farkas from Skyrim :

Credit goes to nakanoart

Farkas and his brother Vilkas are Companions and Farkas is a werewolf that likes to hunt. And he’s hot.

And Prince of Persia :

credit goes to the artist

Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones (The others don’t exist) He is pretty darn hot and he’s strong and he’s a freaking prince xD

Yeah I got more but I’m flooding the post lmao xD So I’ll let it at that.

7. Is there any fictional character that you’d just wish for him/her to exist and marry him/her?

Mmh, I’d say Thomas from up there. But, well, I’m already going to marry by boyfriend when we have the money so this isn’t something I think about too much xD

8. Is there an older manga or anime series you wish others knew about? Let us know!

Older… I’m not sure… I guess everyone should watch or read Shiki and watch Shinsekai Yori (There will be reviews for those in the futur). Oh, and watch or read Another… this is just too amazing.

9. What is your opinion about the direction anime is taking nowadays? (you can write about it generally or even about a specific genre’s direction)

There are still good things out there. But the anime industry is in some crisis so of course, they are rarer. The thing is, if the anime industry wants to keep it up, they will have to make it easier to access than buying DVD. I say a nexflix for anime and I’m not talking about Crunchy Roll because they don’t have everything down there and they got it hard with the license and all. Rare are the ones that can pay 60 bucks for a 12 episode anime DVD… It’s the freaking prize of a full game darn it… They’ll have to do just like the Otome industry is doing right now, a good boot in the butt and now they give us all them games. Now that’s even easier with anime. Give me a good streaming channel and make me pay a little, I would go for it head on. Anything to help the cause!!

10. What tropes do you love and hate in manga/anime?

Mh… I love cheesy romance so I kinda love the love triangle thingy. But that can be tiring so… I love the reversed harem thingy when they get time with each characters xD like each episode has its characterxMC I hate when anime feeds me characters problems just because the MC is too stupid to take care of those problems -.- (refer to Golden Time for this crap…(There will be a review when I can watch it without cringing too much)).

11. What catches your eye first when you have to decide to watch/read something? (art? animation? story? design? actors/voice actors? OST?)

Basically, I look at the image first. I see easily if the style will annoy me. Then I read the synopsis and then I look at the comments to see what the watcher have to say about it. Then I watch the first episode until the end and see if I want to keep watching!! For the manga it’s basically the same thing.

12. People will always tell you that “anime is for kids”, so why not let them know why anime has had such an impact on you and why it isn’t something just a kid would enjoy.

Well, my surroundings aren’t really feeding me this so I wouldn’t know. But my parents are not the kind to stop me (well when I was living there anyway) We are talking about a dad that buys the games and still watches Spongebob Squarepants… They don’t care. And I’m a fan of Adventure Time so I might actually be a little childish but I don’t care and they can always say what they want that won’t stop me! Also if they keep telling me it’s for kid I’ll send them Corpse Party! Mouahhahahahahhaahah

13. Do you play videogames? If yes, which do you prefer?

Of course I play videogames !!! Not playing video games is blasphemy (Unless it’s because you don’t have the time to do so)

My favorite of favorites, my baby, my love is Skyrim xD I’m a Nord ! I can’t even tell the number of hours I played on this thing. I brought an xbox 360 for this game. Heck, when it got out on November 2011, I played for months straight. I must have over 500 hours of gameplay for this game. My main character was level 78 and had so many hours in it that it corrupted and I can’t play anymore… The mods just make it an infinite game !! My Skyrim is a survival hunting game now… But I can’t play on my computer anymore because I killed my graphic card so I got to play on my boyfriend’s machine. I also made a mod for myself and to play a trick to my boyfriend.

What else… I play lots of different games… I don’t like first person shooters but I play Borderlands though… And I HATE Moba’s with all my mind. League of Legends should be destroyed and sent into space so that it would disintegrate and stop existing. My hate is strong with this one…

14. List some of your favorite characters and tell us why we should love them too!

Kyoko-Chan from Skip Beat. She is so strong. She is a bit dense but she is incredible. I would love to be as positive as her.

Yato from Noragami. He fights against his true nature because he wants to be better than that. He is strong and very great. And I just love his toothy smile hahaha!!

15. What is your main motivation that keeps you blogging?

refer to question 4 ^-^

16. If you could visit your favorite character for a year, who would it be and what would you do?

I would visit Natsuki from Uta no Prince-Sama. You can guess what would happen *wink wink*

17. If you stranded on a deserted island with a fictional character, who would you like him/her/it to be?

My Kaeth… He’s some kind of forest spirit so that would help. Also he’s always peaceful so he would probably be able to calm me down.

18. Have you seen any live action Japanese movies? Which ones did you like? Not like?

I haven’t really watched any… well unless the ring count as one of them… The Japanese version is kinda boring…

19. What is your opinion of reverse harem anime/manga/otome games ? 8D ( you saw it coming…)

This is…. THE BEST THING ON EARTH!!! My boyfriend sees me as a big pervert because of this but I’m sooooo thankful that he’s not jealous of it. There should be more reversed harem… They are quite rare. The manga aren’t as great as the anime usually. And, well, Otome games… I think I might have sold my soul to them. We need more… more…. Also maybe some more mature ones you know (I’m a big pervert lmao I won’t stop saying it ehe)

20. Would you like to see more light novels for girls? (Ones that aren’t ecchi or fanservice that is usually out there)

Of course I would! But there are some rare specimens. I am currently reading Spice and Wolf but that’s ecchi… I started reading Amagi Brilliant Park but that’s ecchi… The only one I’ve read that was non ecchi was Another. It was awesome. I wanted to read Shiki but sadly I couldn’t find a complete English translation.

21. Is there something in particular that you would like me to cover on my blog? (can be titles or subjects related to the OtogeMeow theme or even Asian fiction in general)

Well the number of Otome games is limited in English. I would love to see a review of Uta no Prince-Sama (the many otomes) as it is one that I would love to play but can’t because it is only in Japanese.

22. What is something you really want to recommend to others? It can be ANYTHING.

I recommend buying all the otome you can allow yourself to buy so that we get more of them. It would be incredible to get the best otome to be released in English on steam and ps vita.

Gakkou Gurashi! (Really Quick Review)

This is going to be fast. Gakkou Gurashi! is an amazing anime that is really really hard  not to spoil so I’m going to be quite vague about this.

Basically, Gakkou Gurashi! is tagged as horror and drama but I would tag it as dark themed drama as it is bloody but not gory and not scary. The story is amazing and the reveal will make you fall from your chair. The story is very good and interesting.  Visually, this anime is great.

If you want to watch an amazing dark themed anime then go ahead but I have to say the first episode is a really big lie. If you find yourself asking why you are watching this and wondering where is the dark theme, you’ll need to go trough the first episode to find it 😉

It’s spooky october everyone !!!

Heyyy !! It’s October!! I don’t know for you guys but for me October is that one cold and colorful month (Thanks to you maple tree) BUT it is also the spooky scary month of the year !! And because I’m so crazy about scary stories I think I might just have fun and put some more stuff for you, fan of the spooky!

Today it’s going to be a little showcase of youtube narrators that are working on scary stuff:

The true stories youtubers: They work on real stories, mostly find their tales on reddit or whatnot. They have great voice and good taste :

(they are not in any special order I love them all)

And now for some creepypasta channels:

I won’t give more creepypasta channels there are tons out there. I’m kind of out of the creepypasta phase by now. I don’t enjoy ripoff of ripoffs. I got tired of it. Real scary stories are more terrifying than anything anyway xD

Anyways, have fun. Next one will probably be about some scary stories top 10 or something.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Quick Review)

It is finally here !! Yes it means I have read the whole thing. Onward!!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a romance anime based on the manga of the same name. It is a very strange story about a boy that falls for a girl (well, he’s not sure though…).

Story wise it was good. The anime is mostly the same as the manga (I mean up until chapter 17 anyway). The characters are nice and lovable. (The anime is kinda far away, so if I miss something don’t hesitate to comment on this)

Artistically speaking, this anime is okay but it’s not anything out of the ordinary, it’s still pretty though.

now to the thing that I didn’t like about this anime:

First of, the poo jokes. In the anime, there is this rooster that is always there and they used it for poo jokes…. really…. poo jokes…. wow. This made me cringe a lot. This character is present and important in the manga but not as present and, or course, there is no poo jokes -_-‘

The second thing that I didn’t like was the ending. (I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with the manga ending but it’s still 10x better than the anime one…) Like I had said in one of my updates, this anime has a ”Go read the manga” type of ending. The kind that makes me want to destroy something… And what a ”go read the manga” ending that is. They tried to make a gathering of all the characters with a shit reason, it made me quite mad. I was thinking what the hell is going on until the end.

So here is the conclusion: read the manga if you can. If you are a lazy potato or you just want to see how it is without reading, go on ahead and watch the anime but be prepared for the ending. I loved this anime. The romance was quite nice and special (But I would go to Yamaken anytime o3o ) But of course, I would read the manga instead.

Ore Monogatari (Quick Review)

Ore Monogatari is the story of a really big guy that falls in love for the first time.

First of all I need to say that this anime (and manga) has a really unique style. I wasn’t so sure when I started it but then it just kept becoming better and better. The characters are really lovable, the soundtrack is interesting, the story is fantastic.

This anime has a lot to itself. An unusual main character that is so weirdly awesome, his best friend is totally priceless and most of all, it is a romance shoujo with a male main character! And not only that, this one character is not beautiful, not handsome, and really not normal at all. And still, this anime will keep you wanting more. I really doubted at first but then this kept surprising me.

The comedy was just right, making laugh all the time, sometimes only because of the main character whole design thing. And the style just adds to this.

Art wise, like I said, this anime is really pretty and the unique style of the main character makes it even better. Although there is a lot of sparkly sparkles. If you can keep up with those and love good romance shoujo with good comedy, go watch this anime. It’s worth the time.