Asking for a quick review

If you want something to be reviewed, you can leave a comment here. It can be really terrible or really good, I won’t mind either way and I’ll do my best to finish it and review it.

Note that I won’t review something that I cannot watch because it is either not translated in a language I understand (That would be English or French) or because it is impossible to find altogether. Yes, I have Netflix. No, I don’t have those Netflix clones I hate so much. I also have Viki and DramaFever.

Also note that I’m not really fond of sexually heavy content (That would be something with a LOT of sexual content like an Hentai or a Yaoi or a Yuri or whatnot) and that I might say no to a request if I find the content to be reviewed as inappropriate.


2 thoughts on “Asking for a quick review

  1. I”ll just list a bunch of stuff rofl please don’t feel like you need to do them and if you do one please take your time! (Don’t want you to die of overworking rofl)

    A show/movie you’ve always wanted to watch but never did for whatever reason.

    Kimi wa Petto drama (not the upcoming remake rofl)

    Seducing Mr Perfect kmovie

    Orange jmovie or manga or anime

    Kokuhaku or Confessions live action jmovie. Suspense and horror. The book is great and even on required reading lists in Japanese schools. Movie is fantastic.

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    • noted., thank you very much. Orange I’ve already watched the live action movie. The review is scheduled on February 2nd. If you want me to move it so it’s released earlier, I’ll happily do so ^-^ I plan on watching the anime soon too.


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