Gakkou Gurashi! (Really Quick Review)

This is going to be fast. Gakkou Gurashi! is an amazing anime that is really really hard  not to spoil so I’m going to be quite vague about this.

Basically, Gakkou Gurashi! is tagged as horror and drama but I would tag it as dark themed drama as it is bloody but not gory and not scary. The story is amazing and the reveal will make you fall from your chair. The story is very good and interesting.  Visually, this anime is great.

If you want to watch an amazing dark themed anime then go ahead but I have to say the first episode is a really big lie. If you find yourself asking why you are watching this and wondering where is the dark theme, you’ll need to go trough the first episode to find it 😉

4 thoughts on “Gakkou Gurashi! (Really Quick Review)

  1. Haha I might be one of those rare people that actually really liked Gakkou Gurashi in the first half but then got turned off by the whole convenience of the overall story. And I definitely do not accept that ending. Doggie-related and overall “go home!- and so they left” type of ending. I can see why it’s original though and it did manage to pull awesome twists, that I won’t deny. XD

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    • oh I can understand why some peeps didn’t enjoy the ending all that much. But it’s a ”There’s going to be another season” type of ending. Also I don’t mind the Doggie-related event. It’s something that would happen in these circumstances. But I guess I’ve seen enough of those endings to be immune by now xD

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      • let me rephrase part of it. I didn’t mind how the doggie ended up, but more the stuff that he did before that. Man, it’s so difficult without spoiling. XD In other words I didn’t believe in the whole “they still have memories” part of it. And doggie’s situation felt like a distraction from what happened during that last episode and I was really sad about the doggie but facepalming at the back of my mind about the anime’s idea of “they remember”. THAT is what actually pissed me off about it, because it could have been way less convenient for our main protagonists, though I think they tried to appeal to certain feelings by doing that. Megu-nee, I’m looking at you.

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