Senpai to Kanojo (manga) Quick Review


I’ve reviewed this Jmovie a few weeks back but now it’s time to talk about the source material. Shall we go?

Senpai to Kanojo is the story of a freshman in high school who falls for her senpai. Her love is sadly one sided as this senpai is in love with his senpai.

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Valentine’s Special!

Valentine’s day is coming soon! But, it’ll be a Tuesday so for those who want to cry and ask why they are alone tonight, on a Saturday that should be full of love. Do not worry, for I am here! There’s a pic for everyone around this time of year! Why wishing for a boyfriend when you can have so many husbandos!

Romantic Comedies:

First of, for those who wants to smile, laugh and just have a wonderful time! Here are my picks for you:

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