I Published My First Webtoon!


Only 3 chapters but hey, at least that’s a thing! Come by and tell me what you think. I’m open to constructive criticism. I know it’s not perfect~ I’m still learning and I’m hyped to see how I can improve in the future~

My Sweet Sweet Monster

Please Make it Happen. (Otoge Channels on Youtube)

We interrupt this broadcast to talk to you about Otome Games.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been watching Brotome Time for a while now and I really love it.

Yesterday, he made an update talking about Nightshade and spoke about GentleGameGuy. Dirili tried to “recruit” him.

GentleGameGuy wanted to quit Youtube. Go check him out. If he’s going to play Otome Games, I’m all in. Support the guy and get more male narrations for Otome! ^-^ He has such an amazing voice too.

Please show him some love so he won’t quit.

31 Days Freestyle Writing Challenge; Second Edition!

So… I’ve been back for a while actually. My vacations were full of a variety of body fluids… Basically, everyone was sick and I caught a nasty sickness as well. When I was finally done barfing all my internal organs we came back home only to get a cold. Yeah, both me and my boyfriend are pretty sick… But whatever, it’s not like it’s going to stop me from writing. My boyfriends vacations are over now so I can get back to it as well.

Last week I asked for peeps to give me a word and asked if anyone would have been interested in choices to go along the story but apparently no one was (there’s no point in choices if nobody is voting, I’ll keep it for later maybe) so I’ll just go the same way I did last time.

I know writing this much everyday might be hard to follow but I actually love that kind of intense practice. When I’m in this writing mode I kinda get lovesick and I can’t stop thinking about my main characters. So yeah, same old challenge but I changed a few things:

  • The challenge is 30 entry long, the 31th is for the ending.
  • Must release 1 entry per day, unless the writer might die in the process.
  • The entry must be a full chapter.
  • Minimum entry size is 500 words.
  • There is no maximum words for an entry.
  • Must be freestyle, no plans allowed.
  • Since no propositions were made, the subject goes to the writer’s choice.

As you can see, I got pretty much no restraint. A full chapter is what I’m going for. If I can’t manage it, I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’m confident. Let’s keep restraint for a later challenge. Like, I don’t know, try to write a cellphone novel? Writing a diary? Ohh, writing a diary about a zombie apocalypse. Let’s do that next!

Once again, my main character will be male. I just love to write male characters it seems. I couldn’t find something for the life of me but an idea struck me this morning so I’ll try to work with this. Let’s see where this will lead.

By the way, I might get some news from the doctor soon for my hands and all. I can’t wait to finally be a cyborg. But mostly, I can’t wait to be able to draw my webtoons. I found a nice way to work my backgrounds with SketchUp. When my fingers and wrist are good again, I’ll be able to make many bg’s for my stories. I might share some of my work here since I love you guys/gals so much~♥

Planning the next writing challenge, going home, a new weekly post and more! (Update)

Hey! Sup!… Uh… I don’t know what to write as an introduction so let’s dive right into it, shall we?

First of all, I’ll be away for about a week. I’m going back to my hometown. The quick review will still be out as planned if everything goes well. I’ll be using this time off to be with my family and all that good stuff.

Now, I got some things to talk about so here I go:

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I’ve Gotten Emotionally Involved; I’m Screwed

I want to say, I’m pretty much writing this as a reflection to kinda heal myself. I think writing this might make me feel better and empty my head from all those thought.

So, I’ve made the mistake of starting Goblin 2 days ago. I’ve screwed myself. Goblin is a KDrama about, you know, a goblin. Though… I didn’t think this would give me that… I thought I would hate it. I’m stupid. I should never think anything. From now on, I won’t do that anymore.

So, now, basically, this show is giving me the same emotional trip that Love Rain did some months ago. The problem with this is that, when I’m done, I’ll go full hungover mode. This is the bad part of a good part, I think.

But, you see… The thing is that in these moments of complete emptiness, where I feel so empty inside and out, I’m a shit at writing. I have those unbearable writing blocks. I have one right now. I don’t know what to do with Entry 11.

I think I might just go around and clean the whole apartment over. That might do the trick. The other tricks I had won’t work right now because of my arms… So no Diablo III and no overly modded Minecraft to save my soul. Yay~

Goblin is too freaking good, and I hate it because I love it so much that my brain can’t work. Shit! If you need to just forget your reality for a while, it’s always good. The mistake I made is starting it while in the middle of the writing challenge. You know, when I need my brain for other stuff…

I’ll survive. Let’s go clean every crevices of the cave I live in! (Btw, I’m fine. I’m not sad or anything, just angry at myself. Letting the frustration out is good for my blocks. I’m sure Entry 11 will be released before midnight.)

The Marvelous Cheese Piece

So, I’ve made a new blog. It’s basically, an even quicker quick review blog for cheesy Asian cheesepiece4dramas. Basically, it identifies cheesy content and I also try to rate other stuff. As long as there is a little bit of cheesiness, or just romance in general, it’ll have a place there. There’s no scheduled updates so you can check it out often and use the search engine to find specific titles. I’ll try to keep it updated as much as I can.


So far, there’s only 10 titles in there but I might add much more tomorrow.

Okay, I’m done. Awayyyy~

The 31 days freestyle writing challenge is happening!

I’ve been struck by a wind of inspiration and I think I’ll be doing it. Just wanted to put the rules here and I’ll start very soon.

The Rules:

  • The challenge will be 30 days long and the 31th day entry will be for the conclusion.
  • The entry should be minimum 500 words and maximum 1000 words each.
  • This first challenge’s story is chosen by the writer.
  • Each entry should be freestyle. No plans should be allowed.
  • The writer is to post an entry each day unless a catastrophe strikes.

That’s about it for the rules. Other than that, I’ll be posting everyday but I don’t know when. I’ll consider that going to bed and sleeping for 6-8 hours is the reset point for these entry. I think WordPress has a different time scale than mine but mine is Est.

About my story, it is set in a fictional city in a fictional world. I’d say there is some inspiration from Asian type schools but also from the school I experienced.

The story will follow a young man named Jacob in his struggle of standing out at school. I won’t say anymore than that. Like I said, I’m not taking any notes and stuff but the way I work is very much in my brain. And I usually start with an event and then discover my character. I only start writing when I know how my character talks, reacts and thinks. (It really doesn’t take me long, to be honest. And creating characters is one of my favorite parts.)

I’m not sure of when I’ll write the first entry. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. But once I’ve started, I won’t stop.

Okay, I’m done. It’s more of a resume of what I’ve talked about yesterday in my update but I wanted to make this post for my own sake more than anything.

Okay, I’m off now. Bye bye ^-^ /

Oh, bonus:

A trash sketch of Jacob. I couldn’t draw for the life of me today but I still did it.

I’m making a game!! (quick update)

After exam week, I started working on a project with a team. We are making a dark themed otome game. I really hope it will be good.

I should be making a quick review on The men of Yoshiwara soon. For now what I can say is this: It makes me happy to see an mature otome game to be translated but what makes me mad is that they basically gave us an export of the mobile version. That means I payed 25 bucks (I think, might have been more expensive, I know for sure it is now.) for a mobile export. The lack of voice acting is what makes the game less good even though I love this game, sadly, I don’t know if I can recommend it if you have to pay that much money…

Update (School, anime and my gaming life)

It’s been a while since I updated so here’s the thing : School is really a time consuming thing (but I love my classes still). I’ve been working on my researches for a while and because of this, I had little time to play games or to watch stuff. Now there is also the fact that Kissanime was out for about 2 weeks (Yes, I’m way too poor to pay for something like crunchyroll. I can pay for my games for sure but paying per month is not possible, at least for now). I was planing a Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun review but I am still not done with the manga. I’m at chapter 38 so there’s still a long way to go.

Now for the doll: still nothing more than before. School comes first even though I wish I could work on it. Maybe I will on xmas vacations. (Yeah, it’s in a long long time but I really can’t help it.)

On another note, I have brought myself a new trench coat and I am waiting for it. They say it’ll arrive in October, I just really hope it comes by earlier because it’s already really cold outside. When I woke up today, it really felt like fall, with the rain and the really dark morning, that made me happy.

So, that’s about it. I’ll try to update more often. It’ll probably end up being an update or a drawing of some sort. Maybe some review on an anime that has no manga.

Have a nice one folks!~

ps: I have been reading so much on Akhenaton that I had nightmare about it… xD