Pieta in the Toilet (JMovie) Quick Review

Pieta in the Toilet is a depressing movie about a poor ex-painter guy that gets diagnosed with a stomach cancer and befriends a suicidal schoolgirl.

All I knew when I started watching this movie was that it was going to be sad. I didn’t know what I was up against.

I must admit, once I reached the scene where the guy masturbates in what I assume is his hospital room, I almost closed the tab. I wasn’t even 20 minutes in I think. But I carried on.

A lot of things made me hate this movie and, yet, I watched it with a strange fascination, wondering what would happen, or rather, wondering what they made me want to feel watching this movie. It was a strange experience.

Honestly, there’s little to love in this movie. The characters are all the worst shit you can ever meet and the ones that are cool… well… you’ll see… The story was crooked and dark.

Oh, the cast was pretty good, though.

Seriously, I don’t know how to rate this as it wasn’t meant to be “good” in that sense. I mean, hardly any movie that tackle those subjects can be “good” but they make you think. And I like to think. So, I guess in that sense it was good?

I guess that I give Pieta in the Toilet: fantarating3_53/5 Fantas.

It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s dark and depressing. It’s a play of emotions and believable characters. I mean, how would you feel if you knew you would die in less than 2 months. Would you fight? Would you let go? Embrace the end or deny it? In this moment, do you keep being alive or is the fact that you are going to die your actual death? We’re talking about a penniless window washer. He can’t fulfill his dreams. He can’t go around and do all the stuff he wants, he’s filthy poor.

I’ll just leave you with that, folks. I don’t know. You watch it if you are up to the challenge and see for yourself. Okay, Bye~


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