Please Make it Happen. (Otoge Channels on Youtube)

We interrupt this broadcast to talk to you about Otome Games.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been watching Brotome Time for a while now and I really love it.

Yesterday, he made an update talking about Nightshade and spoke about GentleGameGuy. Dirili tried to “recruit” him.

GentleGameGuy wanted to quit Youtube. Go check him out. If he’s going to play Otome Games, I’m all in. Support the guy and get more male narrations for Otome! ^-^ He has such an amazing voice too.

Please show him some love so he won’t quit.


So while I still have free time, lets just write the more I can. I talked about Nameless in my first post. The game is based around some stuff about dolls. Well, the doll company really does exist and it’s called Cross Ambition. If you look for the characters of nameless, they are all there. now for those who are scared by dolls, well don’t go there… But I find them really impressive. They are so detailed and their outfits are great. Just wanted to talk about this.

First Post Ever!!

Oh my! Would you look at this! This is my brand new blog!

Alright so for now, let’s talk about things.

This blog will mostly be about the stuff that I like and all. I don’t know when I will update. I don’t know what I will talk about.

As for me, I’m an otaku, I’m a gamer, I’m kind of a nerd and I’m an “artist” so far as you can call me this… I go to University, studying in history. My first language is french so it might happen sometimes that I don’t make a lot of sense. Oh well, this is part of getting better anyway.

But enough about the presentations, let’s talk about this game I brought. It’s an otome game called

Nameless ~ The one thing you must recall

Here is their website. They are a team of Korean if I’m not mistaken. At first, I thought that the game was quite expensive ( about 32 CAD) and I really wondered if I should buy it. In the end I did. It is not a game that would please everybody for sure. The art style is interesting but sometimes it feels wrong to me. The characters are great though. They are all fully voiced (in Korean) and very interesting when they interact with each other. The game, if you go for all the routes, has a good lifespan. But the greatest about this game is the legit reactions of the main character. She doesn’t react like some dumb girl, she just react like you probably would do. Overall, I don’t think this was a waste of money. To me, at least. If you want to buy it but you are not sure about this, I would recommend you look at some reviews and maybe so gameplay footage.

But hey, this is one of the rare Otome game out there that are fully translated and on steam. If you want more of those to be translated and put on steam, go for it and buy all them good ones!!