Quick update

Sorry for not being really active right now. School is pretty much eating all my time and I got to write for the game as well. The game is going, it’s not going fast but it’s going. I wish I could say more than that but there’s nothing more to say really… I’ll try to make new reviews once all my works are done so expect one in a week or two. Maybe a game review? we’ll see. I don’t like letting this blog gathering dust in the corner. >-< But that’s pretty much it. Cya (hopefully soon)!

One Lovely Blog Award

First of all Thanks Neko-Chan ^-^



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7 facts about me:

  1. I’m a university student in history but I studied in 3D animation before.
  2. I have 2 cats : Potato and Sif.
  3. I often look for English or french words on a translation website because I forget them (Yes I forget french which is my native language).
  4. Sometimes, I don’t feel like watching anime so I watch playthrough on youtube.
  5. I take notes of about everything because if I don’t I forget. (Yay only 23 yo and I can’t remember stuff! I’m just like an old lady already !!)
  6. I love to read but all I can read right now is for school and that makes me pretty sad.
  7. I’m a really lazy person so if I work towards something, it means I really want that thing.

I nominate : (sorry no 15 bloggers)

5 Centimeters per Second (quick review)

Wow, time goes away so fast… o_o Sorry for the lack of reviews. It has been a crazy week xD.

I wanted to watch this one for a long time but when I go for a movie, I need to know I’ll be dedicated to it until the end. I finally had a little room and the mood for it.

I won’t lie, this little film broke me a bit. I mean, I was ready for those feels, but not for this.

Basically, 5 Centimeters per Second is a tiny anime of 3 episodes that has been compressed into a movie. It’s the story of a guy and a girl that have to go their separate ways because one of them has to move.

Visually, this anime was eye candy for me. It was a really strange but interesting art-style and I loved everything of it even though some faces were a tats broken xD.

Now onto the story. It was a really interesting story. There was that slow rhythm to it that I really enjoyed. The whole thing just made me shiver from time to time. The story was slow but well made. Everything felt like hit belonged into it.

Now, the end wasn’t the best one. I know that there is a manga and that its story goes farther. I don’t know if the ending is as sad as in the movie but gosh… This is not the kind of anime that will make you cry because of it’s sadness but more because of how possible this stuff might be. Because this ending is so real it hurts…

Overall, I say if you like drama go watch it. Some people didn’t like it but I really think its a good slice of life drama and that some people can relate to this story.

PS: The game is taking form !! I hope we can finish in time but I have fate in my teammates \ ^-^ / !!