31 Days Freestyle Writing Challenge; Second Edition!

So… I’ve been back for a while actually. My vacations were full of a variety of body fluids… Basically, everyone was sick and I caught a nasty sickness as well. When I was finally done barfing all my internal organs we came back home only to get a cold. Yeah, both me and my boyfriend are pretty sick… But whatever, it’s not like it’s going to stop me from writing. My boyfriends vacations are over now so I can get back to it as well.

Last week I asked for peeps to give me a word and asked if anyone would have been interested in choices to go along the story but apparently no one was (there’s no point in choices if nobody is voting, I’ll keep it for later maybe) so I’ll just go the same way I did last time.

I know writing this much everyday might be hard to follow but I actually love that kind of intense practice. When I’m in this writing mode I kinda get lovesick and I can’t stop thinking about my main characters. So yeah, same old challenge but I changed a few things:

  • The challenge is 30 entry long, the 31th is for the ending.
  • Must release 1 entry per day, unless the writer might die in the process.
  • The entry must be a full chapter.
  • Minimum entry size is 500 words.
  • There is no maximum words for an entry.
  • Must be freestyle, no plans allowed.
  • Since no propositions were made, the subject goes to the writer’s choice.

As you can see, I got pretty much no restraint. A full chapter is what I’m going for. If I can’t manage it, I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’m confident. Let’s keep restraint for a later challenge. Like, I don’t know, try to write a cellphone novel? Writing a diary? Ohh, writing a diary about a zombie apocalypse. Let’s do that next!

Once again, my main character will be male. I just love to write male characters it seems. I couldn’t find something for the life of me but an idea struck me this morning so I’ll try to work with this. Let’s see where this will lead.

By the way, I might get some news from the doctor soon for my hands and all. I can’t wait to finally be a cyborg. But mostly, I can’t wait to be able to draw my webtoons. I found a nice way to work my backgrounds with SketchUp. When my fingers and wrist are good again, I’ll be able to make many bg’s for my stories. I might share some of my work here since I love you guys/gals so much~♥


31DFWC1 Entry 31 ; Ending

<- Previously

Jacob and Kath made their way through a rain of blossom. Slowly, they walked to the top of the hill. Arrived there, they sat on the grass and started messing around.

Kath suddenly stopped and frowned. Jacob stopped as well. He stared at her, the green in his eyes paler than usual.

-“What?” He finally asked. Kath suddenly looked bashful. It was something she hadn’t done for a while.

-“Say it.” She simply said, looking down at her feet. Jacob gazed at her, puzzled. “Say that you like me.” At her words, Jacob grinned.

-“That’d be a lie.” He said. “I don’t lie.” Kathelyn pouted.

-“Meany.” She said, brooding. Jacob came to her and embraced her gently.

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31DFWC1 Entry 30

<- Previously

On Monday morning, Kath and Jacob went to school holding hands. There were a lot of whispers and murmurs as they passed countless students. Some girl threw nasty looks at Kath, others only looked disappointed.

Jeremy, on the other hand, wasn’t so surprised. He congratulated them with a smile and wished them a happy relationship. He seemed glad that Kath had decided to take Jacob instead of any other guy; Or maybe was he relieved?

That day, Kath, Jacob and Jeremy all ate at Jacob’s desk like they had done so many times before. They were smiling and laughing as usual, trying their best to ignore the eyes that stared at them, burning through them like so many lasers.

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31DFWC1 Entry 29

<- Previously

On that day at school, everyone were exchanging thanking gifts. Some people were happily smiling, others would flee, crying. Being rejected was always the biggest danger when offering chocolates on Valentine’s. Be it a boy or a girl, it would always hurt as much.

Jeremy gave Kath a poster of her favorite Tv show while Jacob gave him a cheap chocolate bar as a form of vengeance. The both of them laughed a lot over it and people started to call Jeremy “Mister Cheapy Pants” because all his thanking gift sucked as much.

After a long day heavy in emotions, every student went back home, either enjoying their new found love or feeling lonely and rejected. Jacob walked next to Kath. They were both awfully quiet and the silence made Jacob incredibly nervous.

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31DFWC1 Entry 28

<- Previously

Jacob laid on his bed, unable to sleep. It was already Thursday night. Soon, Kath would come to his place and he would give her his thanking gift. Only, she wanted to talk about something and Jacob couldn’t help but panic. If she is to tell him something… Something negative was a possibility and, even if it was pointless, he couldn’t help but feel nervous about it.

He’d used his whole week meditating and planing on Friday, trying to know what she wanted to tell him. Finally, he’d come to the reasoning that if she wanted to tell him something negative, he would need to eclipse her with something else.

After planning it for so long, his anxiousness had turned him into a wreck. “What if it fails? What if I can’t do it?” He thought. In the end, though, he’d accepted his fate. He’d look as natural as he could and as casual as he’d planned to be. He would give his gift to Kath and then… Then, he would “demand” his gift from her.

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31DFWC1 Entry 27

<- Previously

Jacob was standing at, it seemed to him, the top of the world. At this time of year, the rooftop was always a little too cold for his own comfort but, at least there, he was sure no one would dare to disturb his thought.

He placed his hand on the metal railing before looking down. A sigh escaped his mouth, making a miniature cloud that slowly drifted away, dissipating in the cold blue sky.

It had been a few days since he had been sick. On Monday, feeling much better, he had come to school to find Kath was still the same he had always known her. She would joke with him and Jeremy and she would have fun and laugh a lot. Strangely, this time, it was him who had become bashful, recoiling every time she came too close, getting nervous when they were alone together and even blushing on a few occasions.

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31DFWC1 Entry 26

<- Previously

When Kath sat foot in Jacob’s room, she found him laying right next to his bed. His face was red and his breath labored. She came to him and helped him up the best she could. His mother didn’t even bother to ask anything this time.

Unsure on his feet like a newborn lamb, Jacob moved to his bed and fell in. He crawled under his covers for a second and then uncovered himself. Soon, goosebumps broke the smoothness of his skin and he hid himself under his heavy blankets once more. Like this, he looked like a weird caterpillar and Kath grinned. Her mission was finally accomplished.

After all the effort she had put in to protect and support her friend, she felt all her energy had been drained. She sat at the edge of the bed and her hand searched Jacob’s forehead.

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31DFWC1 Entry 25

<- Previously

The inside of Jacob’s house was fairly dark but there was still some light coming from a few lamps here and there. Kath helped her friend, taking off his heavy coat that had stuck to his humid skin.

Still wobbly, he made his way to the fridge and took a glass that he filled with water. He offered it to Kath who shook her head no and then downed it in one gulp. Droplets of the liquid fell from the corner of his mouth and he wiped it away with the back of his hand.

He made his way up the stairs without so much as a creak. Kath was pretty impressed. She knew Jacob was pretty silent when he moved but even in his state, he did little to no noise at all. She followed him up, keeping him from falling once more at the top.

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Random Freestyle Writing Session 1 part 1

Delia was 24 when she inherited her parent’s farm. Her older brother wanted to live a city life and her parents were too old to work the farm. They had retreated to a smaller house they had owned as a summer cottage since she’d been young. Since she was the only one interested in taking the family business, her parents hadn’t hesitated to give her the property.

Soon, she’d been taking care of everything. The farm house was bigger than she would have liked but she liked it still. Mainly, the farm was an apple orchard. Since very young, she had learned the craft of brewing apple cider. Aside from the 50 trees, she had also a large garden where she grew countless vegetables and a peach tree that looked older than the earth itself. She possessed a few chickens that gave her a steady supply of eggs everyday, a cow that would give milk and an old mare named Mini. Mini was a big animal, a pure Belgian horse, strong and steady and yet calm and collected. She was the perfect workhorse for a farm.

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31DFWC1 Entry 24

<- Previously

Jacob started to walk down the street when he was stopped by Kath grabbing at his wrist.

-“Wait, Jay, you can’t just walk home in that condition…” She said with worry. “What if you lose consciousness again in the street? It’s so late, you might end up laying there until the morning and with this cold it’ll kill you for sure.”

Jacob turned his head around. He peered at Kath from the corner of his eye. His face was stiff and his skin looked clammy under the light of the streets lampposts.

-“What? You’re planning on escorting me home?” He said in a sigh.

-“If that’s what it takes then yes. I don’t think I can let you go all by yourself.” She looked at her feet, moving uncomfortably.

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