It’s spooky october everyone !!!

Heyyy !! It’s October!! I don’t know for you guys but for me October is that one cold and colorful month (Thanks to you maple tree) BUT it is also the spooky scary month of the year !! And because I’m so crazy about scary stories I think I might just have fun and put some more stuff for you, fan of the spooky!

Today it’s going to be a little showcase of youtube narrators that are working on scary stuff:

The true stories youtubers: They work on real stories, mostly find their tales on reddit or whatnot. They have great voice and good taste :

(they are not in any special order I love them all)

And now for some creepypasta channels:

I won’t give more creepypasta channels there are tons out there. I’m kind of out of the creepypasta phase by now. I don’t enjoy ripoff of ripoffs. I got tired of it. Real scary stories are more terrifying than anything anyway xD

Anyways, have fun. Next one will probably be about some scary stories top 10 or something.


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