The 31 days freestyle writing challenge is happening!

I’ve been struck by a wind of inspiration and I think I’ll be doing it. Just wanted to put the rules here and I’ll start very soon.

The Rules:

  • The challenge will be 30 days long and the 31th day entry will be for the conclusion.
  • The entry should be minimum 500 words and maximum 1000 words each.
  • This first challenge’s story is chosen by the writer.
  • Each entry should be freestyle. No plans should be allowed.
  • The writer is to post an entry each day unless a catastrophe strikes.

That’s about it for the rules. Other than that, I’ll be posting everyday but I don’t know when. I’ll consider that going to bed and sleeping for 6-8 hours is the reset point for these entry. I think WordPress has a different time scale than mine but mine is Est.

About my story, it is set in a fictional city in a fictional world. I’d say there is some inspiration from Asian type schools but also from the school I experienced.

The story will follow a young man named Jacob in his struggle of standing out at school. I won’t say anymore than that. Like I said, I’m not taking any notes and stuff but the way I work is very much in my brain. And I usually start with an event and then discover my character. I only start writing when I know how my character talks, reacts and thinks. (It really doesn’t take me long, to be honest. And creating characters is one of my favorite parts.)

I’m not sure of when I’ll write the first entry. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. But once I’ve started, I won’t stop.

Okay, I’m done. It’s more of a resume of what I’ve talked about yesterday in my update but I wanted to make this post for my own sake more than anything.

Okay, I’m off now. Bye bye ^-^ /

Oh, bonus:

A trash sketch of Jacob. I couldn’t draw for the life of me today but I still did it.

Seducing Mr. Perfect (Kmovie) (Quick(?) Review)

This review has been requested by Leafy, thanks Leafy ^-^/


I’m sorry this review is so long but  I couldn’t help myself. If you don’t care about the why and just want to know if you should be watching, just go read the conclusion. (That’s the little paragraph under the red text.)

Seducing Mr. Perfect is a Korean movie about a woman that has trouble in love and her new and handsome boss.

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Orange (Live action) (Quick Review)

Update: It seems I had made a lot of mistakes while writing this article. (Probably a result of writing really late at night. Like 2-3 am…) I’ve fixed it but some might have evaded me. Sorry about that~ ♥


Orange is a live action movie based on the manga of the same name. There is also an anime.

The story of Orange revolves around a young girl named Naho who gets a letter from her future self. In the letter, there is a list of what will happen and of what she should do to change the fate of her new classmate.

Now, here I will only talk about the live action movie because even though I have been wanting to do it for a really long time, I haven’t watched the anime and haven’t read the manga.

I must say, the cast was pretty on point with the manga (I haven’t read it but I’ve checked it out). The cast was pretty good and also there was Kento. Yes, sorry. It seems I just always watch movies with Kento in them but I swear this time I didn’t mean to.

So, after crying my eyes out for at least an hour, I must say it was pretty good. It was very well paced and I enjoyed it with all I had.

Now, I must say, and I don’t want to spoil, but the main theme of this movie is very heavy. And still, they pulled it out perfectly. Tackling such a subject is always really tricky but they did it very well. I have no regrets for watching it.

I give Orange: fantarating5_55/5 Fantas

That’s it for now, folks! Let’s do this again next week!

Heroine Disqualified (Live action) (Quick review)


Heroine Disqualified or Heroine Shikkaku, based on the manga of the same name is about a girl who’s in love with her childhood friend and just took him for granted. When her friend falls for a random girl, she tries to win him back (kinda.)

Actor wise, this live action made me happy. The cast was cool. Kento was in it… You know…

Now, it has been a long time since I’ve watched this and I haven’t read the manga so I can’t really compare but I liked it. It was a good movie.

It was frustrating at times but it was worth it in the end. I had a hard time telling myself that the childhood friend could fall for such a fake… I know in the manga, the girl looks really cute and fragile and I know he wants to protect her or something, but I know better. She has the devil in her, I’m sure of it.

The second lead was strangely cool. I say strangely because he wasn’t my type in the first place but he still had me right in the kokoro.

Also, I cried. I remember that I cried. Yeah…

Overall, it was a good movie. I think I would watch it again despise my hate for the rival girl that had me frustrated beyond believe.

I give Heroine Disqualified : fantarating4_54/5 Fantas.

All right folks, that’s all for now. This one was really short. I end up having a lot more to say on stuff I didn’t like than on stuff I did like. But the rating says it all. On that, I’ll see you all later.

L-DK (Live action) (Quick Review)

Quick update before I start: For those who would’ve missed it, there is now a tab for review requests next to the About tab. Feel free to go there and requests things! Now let’s go!


L-DK is a Japanese live action based on the manga of the same name. It revolves around a girl and a boy that ends up living together after an accident with the boys apartment.

Now, first, I would like to say that it has been a while since I’ve seen the drama but I am still reading the manga. The manga is still ongoing and I must say, it is pretty good.

Now from my notes, it was a pretty frustrating movie. The manga is pretty long so try to squeeze that whole story inside 2 hours or less of content and it does what it always do. Though, Kento was the lead so, Yes, Please!

I say, it has been a while but I have good memories of it despite the frustration so it wasn’t Thaaaaaatttt bad but if you want something more just go for the manga. The manga is just way better. But if you want a piece of Kento then DO IT, JUST DO IT.

So from what I remember of that movie;

I give L-DK : fantarating3_53/5 Fantas.

(Cuz I feel sassy about it.)

That is all folks. I hope to see you next week!