The Ancient Magus Bride (Anime) Quick Review

The Ancient Magus Bride is about a girl who has impressive powers and the “person” who buys her at an auction. (my summary suck again)

This is an anime inspired on a manga of the same name. It is tagged as a shounen because boobs I guess but pretty much anyone can watch this. I mean, if you’re not too scared of drawn blood…

Visually, this was such a treat. It was just stunning pretty much all the time.

Every episode had me cry or at least feel something. The show moves so slowly and yet I couldn’t stop myself from watching. I loved it.

I give The Ancient Magus Bride: fantarating5_55/5 Fantas. + ♥ for Ellias

This was just the type of anime I would watch the moment a new episode was available. Beautiful and heart wrenching and just so good. I really recommend it.

Heyyyyyy! I still exist! Who would’ve thought! I was a bit busy with my webtoon so I kinda forgot about this. Also, I haven’t watched much stuff since so I don’t have that much review piling up somewhere saddly. Also also, many of the dramas I started fell into the pit of endless frustration. I’m trying, though, so don’t worry. I’ll have something else sooner or later. Anyways, I hope you people have an amazing summer with a little bit less heat because I think we’re all dying right now… Have a fancy time and I’ll be back with more hopefully soon~♥


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