Quick Update

Yo! Yes, you are not hallucinating, I am still alive. The thing is, right now, it is quite hard to write. I got diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome… on both hands. I don’t know much about it so far, only that I need to wear restraint at night. I can’t do much right now so instead I watch loads of jdramas. Yep, gathering infos for some juicy quick reviews !!

That said, I think I’ll rethink the way I work on those reviews. I might write many when I have the time and publish only once a week. I think it would make things easier for me.

As for the things you will probably hear about, well, here’s a list :

  • Ao Haru Ride (movie)
  • Heroine Disqualified (movie)
  • Good Morning Call (jdrama)
  • Strobe Edge (movie)
  • L<3DK (movie)
  • Asuko March! (jdrama)
  • Sakamoto Desu Ga? (anime)
  • Nirjiiro Days (anime)
  • Noble, My love (kdrama)

Aside from that, I still have some western movies too like The Good Dinosaur, the Poltergeist remake and other stuff.

For many of those movies, I decided to read the manga before writing anything.

Also… I caught second lead syndrome. It’s horrible. I love it despite getting my hearth broken every time I watch something. Oh well! ^-^ I’ll survive!

I’ll see you on the next review.  ^-^ /