My thought on the Night crawlers


Some think those things are aliens and others think its some native American legends. They call these things the night crawlers.

Now, personally, I got a hard time believing in aliens. I found this thing on a youtube channel I really enjoy.

Here is the link to Mr. Nightmare’s creepy video. The night crawlers are number 2.

Now I looked at the comment section for a while to see what other viewers had to say about this and how they would debunk it but nothing seems to fit in my mind.

I love this kind of creepy stuff but this looks really fake to me so here is my thought on the Night crawlers.

First of all, if you watched the video, you’ll see how those two ‘things’ behave. They just walk from the left to the right. Nothing wrong with that! Oh boy! Those things are creepy as hell but I watched it times and times again. They appear to be heads with legs and nothing more. Their ‘knees’ appears to be really low. They do not walk the same way so I analyzed the big one more than the small one.

Here is the theories I saw the most.

  1. They are aliens.
  2. They are dudes. one walks on stilts and the other is legless for some reason.
  3. They are puppets.
  4. They are computer made.
  5. They are legend creatures.
  6. They are dudes wearing black with white that makes them look like that.
  7. they are dudes on stilt with some sheet around their head and tied to the stilt.

The list goes on.

Aliens sounds so wrong I won’t even discuss it.

Dudes on stilts, wearing some sheet or not, this doesn’t make sense. People wearing stilts are really good at keeping their balance, that is, when they use their arms and hands. It seems that they aren’t on this video but that’s not what’s taking me away from the theory. Those would have a torso. I mean they have NO TORSO. Anatomically, this is wrong to so many level it hurts. They are literally heads on legs. Second of all their knees don’t bend quite right and they are too low. And then finally, no people wearing stilts would be able to wobble that much without breaking their necks.

Dudes wearing black and white outfits doesn’t make sense either. It’s not well lit but it’s well lit enough to see they aren’t dudes.

Computer made. Now that makes sense, does it? Well, actually, no, it doesn’t. I studied 3D for 3 years and I swear to animate something like this, you need to be at least a pro. Animation with a computer is not magic and making something wobble naturally like this is incredibly hard and take some experience. I mean, I don’t think a pro animator from some big company decided to loose their time on what could easily have been made by other means.

So, they are puppets. Yup, that’s my conclusion. From the way those things moves and wobbles, they really look like puppet. This is an hoax (probably) but how it was made is what makes me write this article. Really, this is just a theory but here it is: They made string puppets and filmed them on some background. Then, they took the camera footage and after some post production magic and After Effect usage, they had two puppets making their way on an alleyway and it looked almost legit! hurray!

Seriously though, I don’t see how else this could exist. To me, they really look like string puppets. The wobble is just the same. A montage like this one would be really easy to make. With minor knowledge on how to use a computer and some tutorial over the internet, it’s easy to find your way.

So, this is just my opinion. I want to know, though, if you like that kind of thing, what do you think about those night crawlers? What are they? Let me know!! ^-^ /



Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (Quick Review)

I said I would write a quick review as soon as I’m done with school and here it is. The problem is that I haven’t watched many anime lately… But hey! Found something  lying about gathering dust deep inside my brain. So here it is !

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie is a short 24 episode anime. I say short because each episode must be something like 3 minutes if you take away the opening. It’s about a girl that gets a place in a kind of baking school and her hot teachers are young and all over her…

So there’s 4 guys if I remember right. 3 teachers and a classmate. One is a chocolate guy, one is a french dude and one does Japaneses sweets… The other’s just a classmate…

The story is pretty light and it’s really fun to watch in a row. It’s not very time consuming and it won’t use a lot of your brain. The guys are cute, the main character shouldn’t make you cringe. The mascot is freaking weird though….

The art is pretty interesting but be ready for the reuse of the freaking same shot before each of them make sweets… If it sounds stupid to you, well it looks ten times as stupid when you watch it. Basically it’s like a “I am charging my power” in shounen anime but for sweets? And it is obviously used as a filler -.-‘

So yeah, overall, if you want to watch something lighthearted and girly with hot guys and sweets then just go ahead! Don’t expect a lot of development though because the episode are so short there’s not much space for that.