Amnesia: Memories came out today

So Amnesia: Memories came out today on steam and psn and, of course, I had to buy it. I was playing and having fun when a crazy thunderstorm started to rage. I saved more and more as the thunder got crazier… and then we lost the power and my computer closed. We lost the power a total of 3 times. Just looks like life doesn’t want me to play this game. I just wanted to share this as I thought it was pretty funny xD Also, I love Amnesia so far. It’s really high quality. I mean great graphic with facial animations !! And also the voice acting is candy to the ear. I’m super happy. ^-^


Haku sketch


One of my newer OC. His name might change, I’m not sure yet. He looks kinda familiar tho. Maybe the hair… well wathevs.

Quick update

So, I’ve worked on my doll for some time but I hurt my finger so I stopped for a little. Also, I just learned that I start school next week. That wouldn’t bother me that much but the thing is it start at the same time Amnesia is released on steam. I feel quite down about this.

Also, next review will probably be on Tonari no kaibutsu-kun. I just want to finish the manga before I start talking about it. So far, I was not happy with the anime ending. It was a “If you wanna know then read the manga” kind of ending so I can’t just stay there with it.

So that’s it for now.

Itazura na Kiss Review

Itazura na Kiss is a shoujo romance telling the story of a girl that has loved a boy for a long time but when she try to confess with a love letter, the guy she likes turn her down coldly.

Itazura na Kiss, as a shoujo romance, actually fail quite a lot BUT the character development is strong with this one. To me, the story was just downright frustrating. It wasn’t “I quit watching” bad, but it was bad as a romance. The story is pretty fast paced after a while and it actually depict a story going on for over 7 years (and even more). You get to see a big chunk of the character’s life. It end up turning around adult life instead of some high school love triangle and that’s what got me staying for a little longer.

For the art style… It’s bad. But not too bad, maybe 6/10 bad. I’m not that big a fan of that kind of style but the man’s faces are broken… really! The colors are kinda flat, it’s a boring style.

Overall, Itazura na kiss isn’t the greatest shoujo I ever watched but it isn’t the worst either. If you love character development, you can always give it a try but if you are looking for an anime that’ll make you go doki doki, don’t watch this one. Also, I would say this might be more interesting for older girls as the story goes fast and it’s more about university and the working life of two young adults.

On that, here’s the rating:

Story : 5/10

Character development : 8/10

Art style: 6/10

I’m so happy

So, I woke up this morning to a message from amazon telling me that they had shipped my epoxy clay and that it will probably be arriving around August 17. I’m so happy. I thought it was going to be here at the end of the month. Now I’m going to count the days >.< Also, I might have found a car so I can go to school easily. Woot! But because of this I’ll have to ask for some money at the bank. But hey! First freaking car that is truly mine!

Thomas quickdraw

My OC Thomas. One of my favorite OC so far. It was a quickdraw to try some new things. Mostly faces features. Usually, I keep my drawings for a week or so before publishing to be sure I’m happy with it. This one is some basic stuff and maybe the mouth is a bit small […]

Update on doll making

So there was nothing at the city. I brought Apoxie clay, elastic cords and tools over on amazon and it should be arriving at the end of the month. The wait is painful >.<. I Just hope university will be sweet and let me work on this when the time comes… Also today was a freaking beautiful day full of sun and with a kinda cold background. Just what I love about a summer day. I had a lot of fun. Doll making is hard and expensive but art and creation is a piece of myself so it doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve been looking for a nice hobby for a while now and couldn’t find one that was kind of affordable. This one strangely is. I’m happy.

Doll making

It’s funny how much I have to tell. I have so many things I want to talk about. So much so that I don’t even know what to talk about… Damn. xD

Well now I have looked at many many doll crafting tutorials and I really want to make one. It will be a good change from my candy wax modeling haha xD. So now, I need to find some good epoxy clay but it’s a bit hard because I live in that kind of area where you can’t have those kind of things easily (artisan supplies and whatnot). I’m going to the city to see if there is what I am looking for. Hopefully, there will and if there’s none well internet is my friend \o/.

Put that aside. It’s really hot around here and I think I’m melting a bit. Oh well xD.

Also I want to use as much time as I can while school is still a little far away… Damn, I hope I have enough time to make this project. The clock is ticking. >.<‘


So while I still have free time, lets just write the more I can. I talked about Nameless in my first post. The game is based around some stuff about dolls. Well, the doll company really does exist and it’s called Cross Ambition. If you look for the characters of nameless, they are all there. now for those who are scared by dolls, well don’t go there… But I find them really impressive. They are so detailed and their outfits are great. Just wanted to talk about this.