Koe Koi (Jdrama) (Quick Review)


Koe Koi, based on a webtoon of the same name is a Japanese drama that tell the tale of a girl going to school and meeting a peculiar guy with a deadly cute voice and a paper bag over his head.

It is, so far, one of my most favorite drama of all times. It was sweet as all hell and goshhhhhhhhh they did it folks, they used a nice and tall frame and they put the voice of freaking Sakurai Takahiro over it. After binging this jdrama like a maniac, I was left with a bitter taste for more.

You know when you live this awesome experience and then nothing can get quite as good? Yep. Emotional death.

First, The actors were cool and they even made a non interesting character interesting (I’m talking about the president.)

Now it has been a time since I’ve seen this but It was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who like cute high school romance. You’ll die. In a very good way. Don’t worry about it.

All in all. Yes We CAN! Ten fluffy pink unicorn out of ten. Would watch again, would wash again. Would bath in it’s pink fluffy feelings again.

I give Koe Koi :fantarating5_5 5/5 fantas.

With that, I’ll see you next time!


Jinx!!! (Quick Review)


Yes, I’m alive. Here I go:

Jinx!!! is a Japanese movie about a South Korean girl going to Japan after the death of her boyfriend and ending up matching together those two completely socially awkward people.

I must say, this wasn’t a master piece. Would I watch it again? No. Was it cheesy? Yes. Was it good? I’m not sure.

I watched it because Kento was in there. He’s a really good actor considering he makes a pretty good tsun tsun most of the time. So when I saw him as a totally awkward average guy, it was pretty cool.

But having the best actors in the world won’t make your story good and it certainly won’t help your cameraman into holding his camera like a champ…

Okay, maybe I’m being harsh toward this but it kinda felt like a 2 hours long school project. Waky camera work. A really really sober tone throughout the whole thing that made me feel kind of empty. It didn’t make my heart flutter (except Kento did; But Kento is Kento so come on, I won’t give extra points for one of my favorites, okay. I’m not like that.) and was pretty “boring”. The whole while I was asking myself whether I should close that damn tab and “go bother somebody else” (as M’aiq would say) but I watched still. I was greeted with some tears (cuz dead peeps is sad) and then that was it.

There was something nagging me pretty hard while watching this and it was this concept of “You’re the girl so you sit and don’t talk and the guy will love you like he likes a statue.” Herk. Makes me think of Soylent Green where the woman is part of the furniture. “Oh, you like that guy? Don’t hint it at all, shut your mouth, look pretty, I’m sure he’ll come to you! What could go wrong?”

But in all seriousness, I kinda liked the slow quiet pace. It was the kind of aching fit for what had happened to that poor girl. She was trying to forget, she would have seen the world as they showed it to us, bland, sad and lacking of any colors. All the while, she was forcing herself to do all those things and look happy. That was alright.

To some it up, see for yourself, really. Some will find it boring, some will hate it and some will shed tears and leave it at that. It wasn’t the greatest thing of all times, at least to me. Maybe I’m just not able to appreciate it the right way. But I actually don’t think these hours of my life were lost.

Hey I got a new rating thing now so here:

I give Jinx!!! : fantarating2_5 2/5 Fantas.

Yes, they are strawberries Fantas.

All right folks, I’m off. See you again in the next review!