Sukitte Ii Na Yo (Live action) (Quick Review)


Sukitte Ii Na Yo is the story of a popular guy who falls in love with a quiet girl because she roundhouse kicked him in the jaw (And also, he sees her panties).

This title has an anime and a manga to its name. I finished the anime but not the manga. I grew bored of it after a while.

One thing I really want to stress here is that this is no shoujo. No, this is josei. This is aimed at an older audience. I remember there was a lot of sex talk in the manga. On that the anime and the live action both share something: They are a LOT more tame and pure.

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Kimi ni Todoke (Live action) Quick Review


Kimi ni Todoke is the story of a young awkward girl that kinda look like the girl from The Ring who falls in love and also makes friends at school.

I have watched the whole anime. I’ve read the manga for a long time although I don’t anymore. I must say, the live action was a very quick resume of the anime I guess. It felt a little rushed of course. But how could you blame it on someone trying to fit this story inside a little 2 hours pictures.

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Flower Boy Ramen Shop (KDrama) Quick Review

Flower Boy Ramen Shop is about an inspiring teacher who meets with a rich asshole guy and a poor ramen maker.

*sigh*… This was hard to finish. I started watching this because I thought it would be about food. You folks know how I like my food! I watched the first episode and hoped it would get better. Strangely enough, I binge watched the first episodes on my Xbox. Now, I won’t talk about how terrible the DramaFever’s subs were since you can also watch on Viki but boy, oh boy~

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From Five to Nine (Jdrama) Quick Review


From Five to Nine, also known as 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan, is a jdrama based on the manga of the same name. It’s the story of a woman who teaches English. One day there is this weird monk who falls for her and she’s not into him at all.

Yeah, my summary sucks. It has been a while. From Five to Nine was strangely good. I say strangely because that monk is one weird mofo. He kinda abduct that poor girl at one point… Is this legal? I don’t think it’s legal… But it was sweet though, in a weird crooked way…!?

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