Ore Monogatari (Quick Review)

Ore Monogatari is the story of a really big guy that falls in love for the first time.

First of all I need to say that this anime (and manga) has a really unique style. I wasn’t so sure when I started it but then it just kept becoming better and better. The characters are really lovable, the soundtrack is interesting, the story is fantastic.

This anime has a lot to itself. An unusual main character that is so weirdly awesome, his best friend is totally priceless and most of all, it is a romance shoujo with a male main character! And not only that, this one character is not beautiful, not handsome, and really not normal at all. And still, this anime will keep you wanting more. I really doubted at first but then this kept surprising me.

The comedy was just right, making laugh all the time, sometimes only because of the main character whole design thing. And the style just adds to this.

Art wise, like I said, this anime is really pretty and the unique style of the main character makes it even better. Although there is a lot of sparkly sparkles. If you can keep up with those and love good romance shoujo with good comedy, go watch this anime. It’s worth the time.

4 thoughts on “Ore Monogatari (Quick Review)

  1. I was reluctant in checking this out despite having it on my list. I really thought it was unique to have the non-typical main protagonist (non-bishie hahah), but these types of characters (the big, gangsterish ones) often are also accompanied by a fair share of “stupidity”; why the bishie main character would always manage to beat them up. So I was worried that I was going to get too many gags and not much substance. BUT everybody around me seems to be speaking so good of this anime, that I feel like I should step back and just enjoy it after all XD
    I’m glad that you seem to be enjoying it as well, and I see you shared my reluctance about it too. Just makes me more excited to try it out now!


    • My first thought was : ”Why the hell is this on the top watch????” Well now I know why. The main character isn’t so stupid, he is a bit dense though and that is why Suna exist xD

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  2. Oh… I love Ore Monogatari…!!! I finished watch the anime in september… I only read the first volumes of the manga… When I first saw the cover it was like “The main character isnt a handsome guy…?” but I continue reading and it’s awsome… All characters are really cool in there one way… 😀

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