Itazura na Kiss Review

Itazura na Kiss is a shoujo romance telling the story of a girl that has loved a boy for a long time but when she try to confess with a love letter, the guy she likes turn her down coldly.

Itazura na Kiss, as a shoujo romance, actually fail quite a lot BUT the character development is strong with this one. To me, the story was just downright frustrating. It wasn’t “I quit watching” bad, but it was bad as a romance. The story is pretty fast paced after a while and it actually depict a story going on for over 7 years (and even more). You get to see a big chunk of the character’s life. It end up turning around adult life instead of some high school love triangle and that’s what got me staying for a little longer.

For the art style… It’s bad. But not too bad, maybe 6/10 bad. I’m not that big a fan of that kind of style but the man’s faces are broken… really! The colors are kinda flat, it’s a boring style.

Overall, Itazura na kiss isn’t the greatest shoujo I ever watched but it isn’t the worst either. If you love character development, you can always give it a try but if you are looking for an anime that’ll make you go doki doki, don’t watch this one. Also, I would say this might be more interesting for older girls as the story goes fast and it’s more about university and the working life of two young adults.

On that, here’s the rating:

Story : 5/10

Character development : 8/10

Art style: 6/10

6 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss Review

  1. I could never get into the anime or manga. My friend forced me to watch the drama, Love in Tokyo and I actually liked it! Problem was I could never understand why she fell for Naoki. He was a jerk. Ao Haru Ride did the cold hearted jerk that develops over time much better.


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