Amnesia: Memories came out today

So Amnesia: Memories came out today on steam and psn and, of course, I had to buy it. I was playing and having fun when a crazy thunderstorm started to rage. I saved more and more as the thunder got crazier… and then we lost the power and my computer closed. We lost the power a total of 3 times. Just looks like life doesn’t want me to play this game. I just wanted to share this as I thought it was pretty funny xD Also, I love Amnesia so far. It’s really high quality. I mean great graphic with facial animations !! And also the voice acting is candy to the ear. I’m super happy. ^-^

8 thoughts on “Amnesia: Memories came out today

      • Me too! He’s supposed to be the best. I think I’m going to just play in the order that Orion asks, Diamond is last. And I’m pretty freaked out to play Toma and Ukyo considering they’re abusive, one keeps you in a dog cage for most of the route, etc.


      • yeah Toma is an hardcore yandere. I’ll play him still tho. Ukyo as a multiple personality disorder or something like this but he’s kinda cute still tho. ^-^ I really want to try all the endings, it’s going to be interesting xD

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  1. *reading your comments like a badass* I played the Japanese version of Amnesia, even without understanding everything, Toma’s route has a certain atmosphere to it that sends shivers and made me cry for Shin when the situation arises (you’ll eventually see when and why). As for Ukyo, he’s not as bad as it looks…*lespoiler* (no, I am not considering the Amnesia anime adaption as the whole truth here. XD)


    • xD yeah I think Toma is creepy and Ukyo is kinda creepy as well. Their route are still pretty interesting tho. That’s what I love about Amnesia, it’s not just about falling in love, it’s a really deep story.

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