Thomas ; The Voice Actor

Thomas is a young voice actors who’s trying his best to pierce in his domain. He also has a ViewTube Channel where he play games and narrate creepypastas. Thomas has a really deep and nice voice but he’s a little bit of a sound freak. He hates the smallest of sounds and gets mad at anything that his microphone could possibly pick up. Aside from this, he’s kind of a shut in. He hates going outside and has a fear of crowds. He has a bad temper but he can be kind if he really wants to.

Thomas is a body pillow. I first drew him just for fun and tried to imagine a story for him afterwards. I’ll put my first drawing of him here just so you can see for yourself. I used him in some of my stories but most recently, he’s been one of my lead males in “My Life With Them”, alongside Axel. I love to draw him. He’s probably one of my all time favorites. His name was decided by my best friend when I first drew him. The part I love most about him is his toxic blue eyes that sees through you.