Karl ; The Sadistic Officer

Karl is an highborn demon and officer. He serves under General Ethan‘s command. He is one mean guy. Karl enjoys the suffering of others. His father made sure, from the moment he was born, that he would see the lowborn as some kind of cattle he can dispose of as he pleases. He actually has a big power complex because he was raised as an elite from a powerful family. But Karl isn’t only cruel, he’s also really scared and has some serious trust issues. Let him reveal his arms to you and you will be met with the sight of a thousand scars, all inflicted by his father as he taught him about the world he was supposed to live in.

Karl was made for “The Ether Maid Tale”, a story I wrote over on DeviantArt. He’s a pretty in depth character but, sadly, he was written more as a comical character which I regret now. He’s actually lovable if you get to know him.