Jacob ; The Anxious Student

Jacob is usually a nervous wreck. The lost of his friends when he suddenly grew up over the summer scared him very deeply. Aside from this, he lives a lot of trouble at home with mostly absent parents and can do nothing but fight together. Jacob feels rejected and his a really lonely and quiet person. He likes music and has a fine eye for detail. He really like plants and flowers even if he cannot grown them. He likes rain more than anything, mostly its sent and its sound.

Jacob is the main character of my first “31 Day Freestyle Writing Challenge”. I LOVE Jacob. He’s full of fear and his quiet nature makes him really observant. I like how he doesn’t speak that much.

Jacob is actually a voice. I mean, he was a voice when I created him. I imagined the posed, always on the same pitch, voice. Low and growly and yet gentle and reassuring. His voice and his eyes are really what I like the most about him. I hope I can get to write him again.