Love H2O (ThaiMovie) Quick Review


Love H2O is a Thai movie about a woman being dumped by her boyfriend and so she ends up inviting 3 different guy to go to the marriage of her ex.

For the plot, well uh… yeah…

I didn’t think it would be some kind of reverse harem, it surprised me. I had no expectation when I started this movie. Maybe that’s why I liked it like I did.

Spoiler alert down below:

I loved “dog” the moment I saw him and I knew, I knew! that I would end up drowning… Annnnnnnd the ship sunk and I sunk even deeper.

Seriously, in the end, she deserved her fate. Of course the guys would be mad. You invited 3 dudes at the same date. THREE! Not 2, 3. Two is mean, three that’s just “go to hell” mean. Yeah cry, honey, cry and burn at the same time! Okay, I mean, you’re supposed to feel for that gal but I only felt for the guys…

Speaking of the guys. Dog and Joe were sooooo goddam hot. It burns! It burns! RUN! Welp too late, I drowned and burned at the same time… my bad.

I give Love H2O: fantarating3_53/5 fantas.

I was surprised at how this movie was enjoyable. The part in China was the best. The male actors were HOOOOT. Though, my lack of any sympathy for the lead is where my trouble with this piece lays (Mmhh, Lays). You can’t expect to make a great movie with an unlovable lead unless there is some kind of character development. Of course she was strong and independent and stuff but it doesn’t mean she’ll be a good heroine. Throughout the whole film, I had no compassion for her.

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope you’re all having a blast and I’ll see you next week!


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