Sukitte Ii Na Yo (Live action) (Quick Review)


Sukitte Ii Na Yo is the story of a popular guy who falls in love with a quiet girl because she roundhouse kicked him in the jaw (And also, he sees her panties).

This title has an anime and a manga to its name. I finished the anime but not the manga. I grew bored of it after a while.

One thing I really want to stress here is that this is no shoujo. No, this is josei. This is aimed at an older audience. I remember there was a lot of sex talk in the manga. On that the anime and the live action both share something: They are a LOT more tame and pure.

Plot wise, once again, I’ll have to say that it’s really similar to the source material. Sadly, this live action felt really heavy. They tried to stuff the most they could in the less than 2 hours they had. Because of this, the movie feels too stuffy. There’s the long haired villain girl that doesn’t get enough exposition. Megu was a really tame villain. If you’ve seen the source material, you would know how Megu is the worst in the whole universe bad. I feel that if you don’t know the anime or the manga prior to watching this you’ll get soooo damn confused. All this material could have easily made 2 well paced movies.

Also, is it just me or they took a cute guy to play the stalker? I knew what would happen but I just kept feeling like he would confess instead… Really, he was cute… Damn…

Actor wise, I really have to talk about Fukushi Sota. This guy… I’ve first seen him in Love Relationship. This guy has the sweetest of smiles. I think Yamato didn’t suit him well. Yamato isn’t that sweet. Fukushi Sota isn’t mischievous enough. (>w< please help me?)

I didn’t like the actor they picked for Kai but I rolled with it. His hair looked a “little” stupid… But he still gave me the second lead syndrome, even if for just a moment. I didn’t stray really long though… Only took me one of Sota’s smile and I was gone again.

Oh, and the credit song was great. Loved it.

I give Sukitte Ii Na Yo :fantarating3_53/5 Fantas.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad movie. The 3/5 may seems a little harsh considering how I liked it but if I’d put myself in the place of somebody who hasn’t seen either the manga or the anime, it would have been really weird to watch. It went so damn fast. They skip so many things. They threw information at you and then never bothered to talk about it again. Cramming this much content in so little time is always bad. But you can still give it a try because it was still good.

That’s it for now, everyone. I hope to see you next week!

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