Flower Boy Ramen Shop (KDrama) Quick Review

Flower Boy Ramen Shop is about an inspiring teacher who meets with a rich asshole guy and a poor ramen maker.

*sigh*… This was hard to finish. I started watching this because I thought it would be about food. You folks know how I like my food! I watched the first episode and hoped it would get better. Strangely enough, I binge watched the first episodes on my Xbox. Now, I won’t talk about how terrible the DramaFever’s subs were since you can also watch on Viki but boy, oh boy~

First of all the characters were so annoying. I liked pillar guy tho. He was cool. The others were so bad. The main character was so frustrating to me. She was stupid  beyond possible. That rich boy was such a dick and, even if I liked this actor in High End Crush, it feels like this guy was just made to be a rich asshole boy because he looks like a rich asshole boy. In the end, I kinda pity the actor a bit. The pillar guy was the only good reason for me to watch I guess.

Now, don’t get me started on the guy with his white swan bitch. She was such a freaking bitch and he still clutched to her? What a joke of a man would stay with a girl that’s openly two timing him? Jeez! Grow a back bone dude!

The ending sucked. I’m not glad to have watched it ’til the end.

I give Flower Boy Ramen Shop: fantarating2_52/5 Fantas

To me, 2/5 means it was bad but not terrible. Flower Boy Ramen Shop was just that; Bad but not terrible. It still managed to make me binge watch at the start. But the more it went on and the more I got frustrated. In the end, some situations made me laugh but I felt the romance was stupid and dumb and *She should have ended with the pillar guy instead* dammit I’m so frustrated – Deep Breath- It was bad. Don’t waste your time with this unless you like stupid characters and stupid love stories.

Okay, that’s enough rambling. I’ll see you around next week with, hopefully, something better~ Have a nice one~!


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