From Five to Nine (Jdrama) Quick Review


From Five to Nine, also known as 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan, is a jdrama based on the manga of the same name. It’s the story of a woman who teaches English. One day there is this weird monk who falls for her and she’s not into him at all.

Yeah, my summary sucks. It has been a while. From Five to Nine was strangely good. I say strangely because that monk is one weird mofo. He kinda abduct that poor girl at one point… Is this legal? I don’t think it’s legal… But it was sweet though, in a weird crooked way…!?

Well, no matter. It was pretty good after all. The proof is that i finished it. My attention spawn is short and if I don’t feel my precious fluffs anymore, I have a tendency to just throw my ongoing stuff out the window. That, and I have a low tolerance to frustration. They do love to make me frustrated…. I can only take that much, though. Some show really likes to rattle your senses…

Well, there was frustration but it was sweet. I liked it. The monk was really sweet. He was the kind that never talk for no reason. He was really awkward and I liked him for it. Despite that abduction, he was a nice guy. It was actually the heroine that I was frustrated by on more than one occasion. She was the queen of dick moves. I know she wasn’t into that monk but c’mon? Really? You gotta be this cruel? Well, actually, the monk is a big stalker but they just portray him in this way that you just feel pity for him.

And, seriously, what’s up with the Japanese and their fascination for the “The guy gives a rendez-vous to the girl who ignores it until it’s really late, end up running to the meeting point where the guy is “not there anymore” but he is there and he has fallen ill because he was waiting outside for too long and it was raining/snowing/too cold” plot thingy? Except, if I remember right, the monk wasn’t ill afterward because it wasn’t raining and or cold. Really, why would you threat a guy like that. You got a freaking cellphone. “I won’t go.” So hard to text/say, right? Wow, too many words. Sheesh, why do you even own a cellphone at this point?

Nevertheless, I liked this Jdrama. It was fun and entertaining. It’s worth a watch just because of that monk.

I give From Five to Nine : fantarating4_5 4/5 Fantas.

I finished it. Good job me! But really, it wasn’t hard to finish. It was lovely.

Hey, those monk outfits looks pretty cool. Is it just me? It’s like supper fluffy and shiny.

Okay, I’ll see you next week, folks~ Don’t forget to be awesome!

All right folks! I’ll see you on the next one!


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