Coffee Prince (Not so) Quick Review

636017991590129630-1204417915_kdrama2 This review might contain slight spoilers, you and your sensitive ass have been warned.

Coffee Prince is a Kdrama about a tomboy girl who acts like a guy to get a job and a guy who falls for her while still thinking she’s a guy.

So, let’s say this won’t exactly be what I call a quick review. As per usual, Kdramas tend to be insanely long. Sometimes it makes them great and other times, it makes them hard to watch. You really need to commit to the story for 15, 17, 20 or even 30 hours of content. Yes, a full episode is normally a little over an hour. They are long and usually the progression of the plot is slow or there is a lot going on at the same time with more than 1 big story.

Let’s talk about the actors and the series as a whole before getting into the plot heavy stuff. I found the actors were great. The lead female was freaking awesome. At first, I even had this moment where I was really wandering if she was a girl or if she was a guy. The chemistry was great. I wasn’t too sure about the lead male at first but I grew fond of him and by the end of the drama, it wasn’t an issue anymore. (Boy this review is old, How could I even dare doubt my dear Gong Yoo! *hits myself with a stick* bad, bad Fanta, bad!) Also HOLY SHIT Lee Eon looks like Markiplier WTF!!! And man, that guy’s buff… and also… dead… Yeah… My heart has been crushed…. (He died in 2008 after a motorcycle accident, that’s one year after the airing of Coffee Prince.) Eh, I don’t feel like talking about the actors anymore.

The show was 17 episodes long and won multiple awards. It aired in 2007. That’s 10 years ago! And therefore, say hello to the old ass phones. It was based on a novel: The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.

And now it’s time to talk about the “30 years old, rich and single and that one poor girl that somehow come together”. From the information I gathered while watching all those Asian dramas; There is a rich and handsome businessman for each poor and average looking girl in these countries. Wow, we should all move! Seriously, I know it’s the prince/knight in shining armor stuff. Cinderella’s everywhere!  But it’s okay. I don’t mind that much. Just wanted to point it out.

Also, what is it with all those pee scenes. What’s up with pee? I really don’t get it…

For this review, I will cut the full drama in two parts: The part where main character is a guy and the part where she’s a girl.

For the guy part: First of all, I’ve totally fallen for Eun-chan. She was really much my type so I had a lot of heart flutter. Yay! And that made me think about how I saw the main conflict of the show. If I had thought Eun-chan was a guy, I would have totally gone for her. But then, what happens if I learn she’s a girl? And my answer was: “Who cares?” Yep, You fall for a person for a reason, no matter the sex or appearance. I wouldn’t mind. Our main male character, on the other hand, saw it as a big issue and it kinda hurt me.

There was a lot of frustrating moments. I don’t know why Han-kyul was such a pain. “I have feelings therefore I must hurt.” What’s that reasoning? You’re not a 6 years old kid. You don’t toss an handful of sand at a girl because you think she’s pretty. C’mon man!

The BL part felt really short. I’m sad. They could have expended further there but they didn’t.

For the girl part: Eun-chan becomes really feminine after that. Maybe a bit too feminine? But, heh, It’s okay, I’m gonna go crush on somebody else. I don’t know, I think boyish was good. Why change. Did she gets more feminine because of love? Mmmhh. Love isn’t a magical wand you wiggle at everything. Man… But that part was like a second season or something. It was light and fluffy. opposite to the first part of the show which was rather heavy.

For the part with cousin and artist woman, meh… It was okay I guess. Hated the girl from the start. I felt pity for the guy. I don’t know. It wasn’t boring. I just didn’t have enough empathy for those two people.

Basically, I feel Coffee Prince both made it happen and fail. The homosexual relationship was gently touched but not really explored? Okay, what I’m trying to say is that they were really tame about it. But, again, it was 2007. I heard Korea is still pretty conservative on the matter. I could be wrong. I will let it slide.

Also, such a pure 29 years old that is both handsome and rich can’t exist. I’m sorry. Nobody’s that pure at this age.

I give Coffee Prince : fantarating3_53/5 Fantas + ♥ for My Chan

If you can manage to watch the full thing, go for it. It’s great but it’s a lot of drama for things that seems kinda trivial for our present time (and maybe westerners eyes). I feel I liked the first part more. Also that ending was so empty. I wish there was something more.

All right folks, that’s all for now. I’ll see you next week. I’m sorry this review seems so unorganized and kinda empty (And yet it’s almost 1000 words long!). This show took me a really long time to watch.


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