Senpai to Kanojo (manga) Quick Review


I’ve reviewed this Jmovie a few weeks back but now it’s time to talk about the source material. Shall we go?

Senpai to Kanojo is the story of a freshman in high school who falls for her senpai. Her love is sadly one sided as this senpai is in love with his senpai.

This is a manga on 2 volumes which is very short if you ask me. But it still managed to make a very lovely story. The story will speak to almost everyone. I mean, who hasn’t had a one-sided love? (Yes, it works if that love is for a fictional character. Don’t worry, it’s okay… I understand.) This story was really bitter sweet and I loved it but because it is so short, it’s hard to really see what’s really going on. Basically, I could have a little hunch about it but it was so subtle. Sorry if I don’t make sense. I’m trying not to spoil. It’s hard. Let’s just say, I would have loved 1 more chapter. Just to wrap things up a little bit better.

Art wise, it was decent. Pretty much what you would see in a shoujo manga. Somehow, there were some places where it felt uhm… strange? But, seriously, I’m the kind of person who think that if the message goes trough then it’s fine. (Because I draw comics even though I’m so bad at it. Aha!)

I give Senpai to Kanojo, the manga: fantarating4_54/5 fantas.

It’s a quick read and I just dug trough it super fast. Even if the story is really short it still felt nice. I would just have liked something more at the end. I understand the ending, though. “And their lives kept on going” or something but ah, I wish there was just a little more…

That’s it for this folks! It’s rare for me to review a manga, huh? Maybe I should do it more often but it’s kind of time consuming… We’ll see. As always, I’ll see ya’ll next week!


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