I Order You (KDrama) Quick Review

I Order You is a Korean web series about a girl who falls in love with a chef that cooks lunchboxes.

Now, where do I start? Ah~ The beginning was so good but they had to screw it up?

Okay let’s start with the positive. The cast was cool. At first I really wasn’t sure about the male lead. Seriously, every time I start something, it’s the same. I tell myself that the guy isn’t my type. I go through it still because I would be stupid not to and then I find out that I loved the actor to the point that I don’t care about the main female character anymore.

Jung Yunho reminds me of a bear. He’s really tall and large. Oh, and don’t get me started on those big paws of his.

Now, the plot was really good at first but it got more and more frustrating until I felt like dropping it. Each episodes are short. Without the long ass ending, I’d say about 15-20 minutes each. Still, at about episode 10 I was already getting fed up.

I liked the characters but the story was just so bogus at some points. ARG! I’m still frustrated while writing this.

I give I Order You: fantarating3_53/5 Fantas.

I Order You wasn’t a bad drama, it was an okay drama. I was really good at first even if a little cheesy. It got progressively worst as the show went on. They could have ended it sooner, I think it would have made it better.

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a fantastic week and I’ll see ya’ll next Thursday!


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