Finding Mr. Destiny

Finding Mr. Destiny is about a guy that loses his job and starts a business to find first loves. He meets with a girl that is looking for her first love that she met in India.

Um… I watched this because of Gong Yoo, I won’t hide it. But, actually, it wasn’t so bad. It was pretty funny at times. Seeing Gong Yoo act innocent and clumsy was so freaking great.

The plot has it’s flaws. I must say I was pretty confused at the start. The movie was strangely cut and the exposition wasn’t so great so you were left to piece all the details together.

The cast was definitely good. The characters were nice.

I got pretty mixed up because they used Gong Yoo in the “past” in India as well. But he wasn’t the same character? I got pretty confused.

I give Finding Mr. Destiny: fantarating3_53/5 Fantas + ♥♥♥ because Gong Yoo was so cute~

Overall, this was a decent movie. Even if the plot was flawed at times, I still liked the actors and the ending was definitely worth it. Also, those kisses man… Oh boy~ This will make you laugh and melt your heart (If you have one) I can guarantee it.

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope to see you again very soon~


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