Magic Kyun! Renaissance (Quick Review)


Magic Kyun! Renaissance is an anime about a girl who enters a magical artistic school and gets into a special comity to organize some kind of festival.

I have so many mixed feelings about this anime. On one hand, it’s one of the rare reverse harem we’ve seen so far. On the other, it could have been so much more… *Insert a cry of desperation*

Now, visually, it’s pretty decent except sometimes, it can get a little weird. Some use of the 3D kinda broke the magic for me… get it? Because they used the 3D as a magical effect… No? Okay, I’m leaving… Don’t mind me… (To be fair, it’s 1:30 pm and I’m sooo fuzzy…)

Anyhow, you must be telling yourself: “But Fanta, is there anytime where a reverse harem has been really good?” Well, dear person that clearly thinks like me, let me tell you; I don’t think so but this one is badest. I know you can’t say badest, that’s how bad it is.

It started pretty well. It was lighthearted and sprinkled with a song in every episode. The first episodes are about the girl recruiting all the members of the comity with her “lead character power”. Then, they have the festival and then…. Ergh. Then, they turned the happy anime into a drama for no apparent reason. It felt like everyone was enjoying the party and then the cops showed up and arrested everyone…. The last episodes would equal to being in jail  while receiving some flowers.

Along with that, they started with all those ideas. The thing about those who win the competition dancing on top of the stairs or whatever that was. No one dances… All those plot elements were just dropped. Some reasoning made no damn sense… (I’m talking about how the old man finds out that something is wrong with the main character.)

BUUUUTTT we get some sweet maiden fan service. Also, all the characters are pretty lovable but they’re maybe a little too shallow. I still loved them, though… Maybe I’m that easy? That red-eyed guy was right up my alley, I must say… That may be why I can’t hate it?

I give Magic Kyun! Renaissance: fantarating3_53/5 Fantas

Even if the ending is not worth it, that anime made me wish for an otoge of the same name with the same characters. (please tell me it’s a thing) And with that sweet start, I say it wasn’t so bad. I say you could just stop watching after the episode where they go to the beach. Yeah, that sounds good…

Okay, I’m gonna go now! Have a nice one, folks~ ♥


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