Senpai to Kanojo (Live action) Quick Review


Senpai To Kanojo tells the tale of a freshmen in high school who falls in love with her senpai who is, in turn, in love with his senpai.

The movie, also known as Her Senior, is based on a manga of the same name. It’s 2 volumes long and, well, I’m not done reading it but I must say it’s not bad.

To be honest with you, folks, I really didn’t know how to rate this movie at first. I actually waited a full night before writing this. Sometimes, it helps with my opinion on a piece but this is just hard. I can say for sure that it wasn’t 5/5 material but, ah, the struggle is real.

Plot wise, I have nothing against this movie. It’s pretty much just like the manga in that regard. Though they took away the sparrows and the mah-jong joke and replaced it with toma club and fed a cat instead. I love cats so yay for me I guess?

And somehow, the candy throwing scene kinda felt like a bullying scene at first? I don’t know… It was strange.

The characters were nice though the main character was a bit weird and… impulsive? Also, too many “Baka”.

The actors were okay. Men, Shison Jun has such a sweet voice. Holy balls! The main actress was okay but I kinda didn’t feel that much empathy for her.

Now, let’s tackle that movie’s monster: The shaky cam. Seriously, am I the only one bothered by the shaky cam? It wasn’t as bad has in Jinx!!! But Sacre bleu! Maple moose! I can’t…

Also, The relationship in this movie felt shallow at best. I knew that girl was super in love. I know the guy loved his senpai very much too. But the ending just had me unsatisfied. The movie was so slowly paced, you would think they would extend on something like this. The ending was just so sudden. I didn’t feel it, it wasn’t natural at all. It felt rushed and I’m angry.

I give Senpai to Kanojo : fantarating2_5 2/5 fanta’s + ♥ for Toma-chan!

Men, it was hard to rate this piece! It wasn’t that bad a movie. I don’t feel like I’ve lost that 1 hour 45 minutes of my life but I wouldn’t buy this movie either. I wanted to give 3/5 but does it really deserves it? Mh, I don’t think so. This movie could have been 3 times better with the story they had. They could even have beaten the manga if they had done it right but sadly, they didn’t and that makes me mad.

So that’s it for now, everybody! I hope you liked my censored swears. I don’t want to drop that F bomb on all of you so I’m being creative. I hope to see you all next week!


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