Love O2O (CDrama) Quick Review

Love O2O, also known as Just One Smile is Very Alluring, Dreams of JiangHu, and a lot more titles that I won’t bother to write, is about a geek girl that plays a MMORPG and kinda falls in love in game with a geek, rich and handsome guy.

Love O2O also stands for Love Online to Offline. Yeah. I love it.

So, Love O2O is 30 episodes long and succeeded at keeping me for the whole ride. Congrats, you win my respect. It is based on a web novel that looks pretty damn good. I’ll be reading it for sure. Wanna see if it’s as good without Yang Yang. (ps. It is)

The plot was lovely. It was any female MMORPG player’s wet dream. And the 3D wasn’t so bad although the integration was a bit shitty (I’m harsh, I know, I can’t fight my nature. I studied 3D for 3 years after all. Bear with me.)

My only problem with this piece is actually also a strong point: The characters were so cool and bad-ass that it felt like they were porcelain dolls toyed with by a horny teenager.

I’m not a fan of the main actress. But Yang Yang is a god. I think it might be illegal to look this good on screen. If you arrest him, please don’t give him to anyone. He’ll be eaten alive. This is a dangerous level of hotness right there.

I give Love O2O: fantarating5_5 5/5 Fantas

If something this long kept me watching without getting bored or even a little frustrated, it’s because it’s exceptional. Just like my giving 5/5. So far, this is one of my favorite watch this year. I definitely recommend it to geeks like me. Also, if you’re not much for games, it’s worth it just to drool over Yang Yang. Just saying.

Oh, yeah btw, when I play MMORPGs, I’m one of the rare females that play male characters. We exist. Just wanted to point it out. (You’ll get it if you watch the whole thing.)

Alright, folks, I’m done here. I’ll see ya’ll later.


2 thoughts on “Love O2O (CDrama) Quick Review

    • Yes, it takes a while to become really interesting. It was the kind of show I didn’t binge but instead just watched once in a while. It’s probably one of the most soothing show I’ve ever seen. xD


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