31 Days Freestyle Writing Challenge; Second Edition!

So… I’ve been back for a while actually. My vacations were full of a variety of body fluids… Basically, everyone was sick and I caught a nasty sickness as well. When I was finally done barfing all my internal organs we came back home only to get a cold. Yeah, both me and my boyfriend are pretty sick… But whatever, it’s not like it’s going to stop me from writing. My boyfriends vacations are over now so I can get back to it as well.

Last week I asked for peeps to give me a word and asked if anyone would have been interested in choices to go along the story but apparently no one was (there’s no point in choices if nobody is voting, I’ll keep it for later maybe) so I’ll just go the same way I did last time.

I know writing this much everyday might be hard to follow but I actually love that kind of intense practice. When I’m in this writing mode I kinda get lovesick and I can’t stop thinking about my main characters. So yeah, same old challenge but I changed a few things:

  • The challenge is 30 entry long, the 31th is for the ending.
  • Must release 1 entry per day, unless the writer might die in the process.
  • The entry must be a full chapter.
  • Minimum entry size is 500 words.
  • There is no maximum words for an entry.
  • Must be freestyle, no plans allowed.
  • Since no propositions were made, the subject goes to the writer’s choice.

As you can see, I got pretty much no restraint. A full chapter is what I’m going for. If I can’t manage it, I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’m confident. Let’s keep restraint for a later challenge. Like, I don’t know, try to write a cellphone novel? Writing a diary? Ohh, writing a diary about a zombie apocalypse. Let’s do that next!

Once again, my main character will be male. I just love to write male characters it seems. I couldn’t find something for the life of me but an idea struck me this morning so I’ll try to work with this. Let’s see where this will lead.

By the way, I might get some news from the doctor soon for my hands and all. I can’t wait to finally be a cyborg. But mostly, I can’t wait to be able to draw my webtoons. I found a nice way to work my backgrounds with SketchUp. When my fingers and wrist are good again, I’ll be able to make many bg’s for my stories. I might share some of my work here since I love you guys/gals so much~♥


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