Senior Secret Love: Bake Me Love (ThaiDrama) Quick Review


Bake Me Love is a Thai drama about a cake baker and some hot guy.

I went into this with no expectation. It’s actually quite a short one. I mean, only 6 episodes. And, oh myyyyyy. I regret nothing!

The plot was great and the characters were to die for. Rose is my favorite for sure. Kim is the hottest, I think I died a little… There was actually quite a bit of BL element, which I never thought I would get there but ohh, that was great.

The main protagonist is a snake! I laughed so hard too. She has such a character to her.

I won’t say this piece bought me with cake but… cake… you can’t go wrong with cake.

Aside from the awful sound design, the rest was pretty much a fluff fest. I loved it.

I Give Bake Me Love: fantarating4_54/5 fantas + ♥ for Rose.

It could have gotten a 5 if the sound design wasn’t this awfully poor. I also felt that some actors had a hard time acting their characters but heh, it wasn’t that bad. Also there certainly was a lot of cringe inducing elements but I didn’t even care. This drama will make you laugh for sure and it’ll give you your dose of fluff if you need it. Also cake, cake everywhere!

That’s about it for this week folks! I’ll be back next week for more.


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