Planning the next writing challenge, going home, a new weekly post and more! (Update)

Hey! Sup!… Uh… I don’t know what to write as an introduction so let’s dive right into it, shall we?

First of all, I’ll be away for about a week. I’m going back to my hometown. The quick review will still be out as planned if everything goes well. I’ll be using this time off to be with my family and all that good stuff.

Now, I got some things to talk about so here I go:

Firstly, I am planning my next freestyle writing challenge. I know this one was quite hard to follow because it was big entries every day. I’m thinking of changing the rules a little for the next one.

Also, I would like you guys/gals to help me with this. First, I’d need something to start my next story. It can be a word, a short sentence, a song or even a sound. You could just give me something like vampire, clock or bus. (Yes, bus works.) Just leave a comment. It’ll make me really happy. ^-^

Okay, now here comes my little idea. I don’t know if it’ll work but I think it would be really interesting to do. So, basically, each week, I’d create a poll and I’d give you options. You guys would vote and after a whole week, I’d take the votes and I’d write my story based on what was chosen. I’m a big fan of visual novels in general and mostly Otoge. If you guys find this interesting, please let me know. I’d really like to do this. I might even do some kind of reversed harem if you want to. I don’t know. At least you’ll have the choices in your hands.

Secondly, I’m working on a new page for my blog about my OC collection. It’s in the making right now. I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to complete it. I want to draw a custom pictures for everyone of them so it might take a while.

Thirdly, I’m thinking of making a new weekly post. It would be called Bae Sundae (Yes, this is such a ridiculous name and that’s why I like it) and would be released every, you guessed it, Sundays. It’d be a post about an actor (or maybe actress) that I picked to fangirl on. There, I would probably discuss the medias they were in (movie, tv show, whatever). I guess I’ll be doing this just for fun. Maybe I will make you discover your new bae that way? I don’t know. I just feel like doing it.

And that’s about it. I’ll see you all in a week. Have fun everyone!


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