31DFWC1 Entry 31 ; Ending

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Jacob and Kath made their way through a rain of blossom. Slowly, they walked to the top of the hill. Arrived there, they sat on the grass and started messing around.

Kath suddenly stopped and frowned. Jacob stopped as well. He stared at her, the green in his eyes paler than usual.

-“What?” He finally asked. Kath suddenly looked bashful. It was something she hadn’t done for a while.

-“Say it.” She simply said, looking down at her feet. Jacob gazed at her, puzzled. “Say that you like me.” At her words, Jacob grinned.

-“That’d be a lie.” He said. “I don’t lie.” Kathelyn pouted.

-“Meany.” She said, brooding. Jacob came to her and embraced her gently.

-“Kath?” He asked in a growl. She raised her eyes towards him.


-“I love you.” He finally said. “I’m happy we’re together.”

-“I’m happy too.” Kath said, blushing a little. “I love you too.”

After a brief kiss, the both of them laid on the verdant carpet. They took in the sweet smell of spring as they watch the sea of blue above. In the wind, Kath’s hair started to dance, long and beautiful. She smiled and Jacob smiled too.




Hey, Fanta here! I made it! WoOhOO!

I must say, this was really hard at times. The problem with freestyle writing is that you can’t go back. Once you’ve wrote it, it’s there. There’s many times I wish I could go back, erase and do it all over.

I wanted to write a big article about how I worked on this but my fingers and arms are suffering right now so I’ll go over each character quickly and I’m going to finish this.

First of, we have Jacob. Jacob is a nervous wreck and has to deal with anxiety. Actually, when I created him, he was just a voice. Yes, the growly low voice that rarely ever gets louder. I wanted a quiet character that looks always calm, even a little blank. But he’s really just a storm inside. Because he doesn’t talk much, instead he is an observer. He looks and see and hear and smell. I hope you got a nice glimpse of his own universe.

When I made Jacob, I wondered what would be the story of a boy that barely talks and that’s always alone. I figured being alone would only be natural for him. From there I thought about his past, the events that would have made him into this unsocial and quiet person that has no friends. I thought that having parents that fight all the time would be way worse than having divorced parents that just won’t talk to each other. Jacob hates his father but he also think that his mother is to blame and so he stays cold to the both of them. His world is a dark one indeed.

Kathelyn is a tomboy. Her family is poor and yet she only smiles. She’s really boyish but has all those little things that makes her feminine. Her family is loving and caring and they do their best even if it’s not a lot. Yes, she lives in a house. Actually, they had that house before their financial problem started and her parents just can’t find the courage to sell it. Instead, they hope that they’ll be able to find a way to go back to the way they were. To be honest, I wasn’t supposed to use Kath as the main female. I wanted to use that small girl that was bullied by the group of hyenas but I kinda fell for Kath instead and so I ditched the other girl.

Jeremy is a sport guy. He’s the guy that messes around. He’s playful and silly. Kath and him grew up together and Kath loved him for a really long time. Since he was young, he only had eyes for another girl. Jeremy isn’t a bad guy. He was just so focused on getting the “girl of his dream” that he lost sight of what was important to him. At the Snowfall Festival, he saw Kath with a rose in her hand and she was alone with Jacob. It made him jealous. When Jacob treated his girlfriend badly, he just responded by attacking Jacob and Kath. The poor guy got beat up. When he was left in the snow, all he hoped for was that Kath would come to help him but she wasn’t there. Luckily, Jacob isn’t the kind to hold grudges so they managed to become friends again. I say a true friendship never really dies. That might be why they still were together even after what happened.

For the plot, it was a really simple thing. I just thought about what to write before I fell asleep and I would write it in the morning. It’s not all that good. Freestyle writing is like meat without any bones. When you work with it, it can go one way or the other and it’s really hard to keep the story right and together. At least, for me it is.

And, that’s about it. Now, I’m going to take a small break. I’m going back to my hometown for a week soon and I don’t think I’ll be writing stories. (Don’t worry, the quick reviews will be there.) Okay, I’m going now. Bye Bye!


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