31DFWC1 Entry 30

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On Monday morning, Kath and Jacob went to school holding hands. There were a lot of whispers and murmurs as they passed countless students. Some girl threw nasty looks at Kath, others only looked disappointed.

Jeremy, on the other hand, wasn’t so surprised. He congratulated them with a smile and wished them a happy relationship. He seemed glad that Kath had decided to take Jacob instead of any other guy; Or maybe was he relieved?

That day, Kath, Jacob and Jeremy all ate at Jacob’s desk like they had done so many times before. They were smiling and laughing as usual, trying their best to ignore the eyes that stared at them, burning through them like so many lasers.

An angry girl or two came to see Jacob, their mouth curled with distaste. They said countless words that Jacob didn’t even hear and then, left, even angrier than when they had came.

After a moment of this, Jacob lost his temper. The next girl that came to scold him was turned away flatly and cruelly and left with tears in her eyes. After this, the rumor spread that no one should interfere with his love life or they would pay the price.

Jacob feared Kath might be visited by an angry mob of hyenas if she was to be left alone by herself and so he usually went around with her. She’d tried to reassure him but nothing really worked.

He finally came back home, completely drained and sat on his bed for a while, looking out the window. The days were getting longer and the sun hadn’t completely set yet.

When the darkness came, Jacob felt strangely happy and smiled. “This is not so bad after all.” He thought, finally getting up. He was about to leave when his phone buzzed from his desk. Slowly, he went to fetch it. It was a message from Kath. It read : “I miss you.”

Jacob couldn’t help but grin. Since they had started to go out, she had been like this. He didn’t think twice before texting something back : “Where?” and received a reply almost immediately : “The temple.”

He ran there and arrived completely drenched and panting. Kath was at the altar. She turned around and smiled sweetly. He walked up to her and hugged her hard.

-“Jay, I can’t breath~” She struggled to say and he laughed.

-“Might as well finish the job~” He said with a nasty grin and Kath hit him softly on the chest.

-“Stop it~” She said in a laughter. He ruffled her head with his gloved hand and stared at her with affection. Her smile left her lips and she looked a little worried. “Jay? You won’t pass out this time, right?”

-“No way! I’m all healed up.” Jacob said with a chuckle. “Unless you wish I was feverish again?”

-“NO!” Kath answered a little too loudly. She looked down at her feet, embarrassed. “You’re way too dangerous when you’re feverish…”

-“Oh I thought that’s what you wanted.” Jacob said with a grin. “I wouldn’t mind a good shower.”

-“NO! Anything but the shower!” Kath shouted, terror in her eyes.

-“Psh, I saw how you looked, Kath. There’s no way you can hide that~” He said but was cut by Kath who slapped her hand over his mouth to shut him up.

-“Don’t you dare~” She said in a scowl. He laughed again.

-“Well, you know you can ask~” He said, turning around to walk down the steps.

Kathelyn lacked behind for a second before following him, grabbing onto his arm as they went.

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