31DFWC1 Entry 25

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The inside of Jacob’s house was fairly dark but there was still some light coming from a few lamps here and there. Kath helped her friend, taking off his heavy coat that had stuck to his humid skin.

Still wobbly, he made his way to the fridge and took a glass that he filled with water. He offered it to Kath who shook her head no and then downed it in one gulp. Droplets of the liquid fell from the corner of his mouth and he wiped it away with the back of his hand.

He made his way up the stairs without so much as a creak. Kath was pretty impressed. She knew Jacob was pretty silent when he moved but even in his state, he did little to no noise at all. She followed him up, keeping him from falling once more at the top.

He opened a door and went inside, signaling Kath to follow. The room was really dark but Kath’s eyes had grown used to the darkness by now and she soon realized it was his room. The bed was undone but everything was really clean and his smell hung in the air. Kath had a sudden shiver. “It smells like him…” She thought, feeling embarrassed that the idea had even crossed her mind. Jacob opened one or two drawer, grabbing pieces of clothing as he went and then went to the door again.

-“Wait here, I’m going to shower.” He said, panting. He had to hold onto the wall to keep his balance.

-“Are you crazy? What if you fall there?” Kath whispered angrily.

-“I’m all gross. There’s no way I’m going to bed like that.” Jacob growled and walked out.

Kath frowned and followed to stop him but he tumbled and went crashing on the floor. The sound was loud and Kath went to him to see if he was okay. She shook him but he only grunted quietly. She heard the click of a door opening and a woman’s voice.

-“Jacob? Are you okay?” The voice asked, groggy with sleep.

Kath shook Jacob again, harder this time.

-“Jay~ Jay~ Please say something~” But Jacob only frowned and crawled into a ball.

Kath’s eyes widened. She was deadly scared to be busted. Mustering her deepest voice, she grunted.

-“Uh…” She heard the door close again and sighed with relief. “Jay~ Get up.”

It took about 5 minutes to finally get Jacob to his feet. He looked even worse now, panting harder and loosing all his colors. He stayed quiet and started walking again.

-“Jay, you can’t possibly shower like that.” She said, trying to stop him.

-“… Fine then, come with me.” He finally said in a sigh.

He turned into a room and opened the light. Kath was blinded by the sudden brightness and squinted. Jacob came in like there was no worry in the world and took his shirt off without any hesitation. Kath recoiled suddenly aware of what he was doing.

-“Jay, hang on. You can’t~” She started, adverting her eyes. Jacob’s empty eyes danced on Kath for a second.

-“Ah~ I’ll keep my boxers just in case.” He sighed again. “Sheesh, Kath, why are you so sensitive.”

Kath was mad. She looked up at him again to be met with the sight of his tall figure, barely wearing anything. As he’d promised, he had still his boxers on. They were tight black boxers. Kath knew Jacob was strong and had a nice shape but she’d never thought he’d offer such a sight. Even sick like he was, he was handsome. He was much more muscular than she could have imagined. She’d had only a slight glimpse before she lowered her eyes again. Completely speechless, she spun around and hid her face with her sleeve.

-“Y-you’re crazy, Jay… Your fever is worst than I imagined…” Kath said bashfully. She glanced back to see the tall silhouette behind the shower curtain.

-“I haven’t slept right for almost a week. Having you seeing me like this is the least of my worries.” She heard him say over the water. “It’s not like I can be shy while you’re helping me like that.”

-“You should be shy, Jay~ Gosh, you’re always shy!” Kath whispered loudly.

-“I’m too tired to be shy.” Jacob answered her coolly.

The water stopped and a hand gripped at the shower curtain and opened before Kath could look away. When her eyes fell on him, she couldn’t turn around anymore, her eyes stuck on him. His hair was dripping wet and hanging over his eyes. He was still struggling to breathe, his mouth slightly opened and his eyes heavy with sleep. He passed his hand in his hair before turning to grab a towel. Kath’s gaze followed his hand and then his arm up to his shoulder and down to his chest, her attention on the drops of water on his skin.

Suddenly she coughed and looked away again.

-“Wh~ Jay… Uh~ Mh~” She muttered, tripping on her words.

Jacob’s eyes slipped to her and he saw she was flushed. He laughed internally. He’d seen her stare but seeing her loose her composure like this was funny to him. He was drying himself quickly, keeping his eyes on her, waiting to see what she would do next. He was so tired that his mind felt empty. It was as if he’d forgotten how to feel bad or shy.

He was drying his hair when he finally spotted her turning her eyes to him from the mirror. She saw that he was staring at her and turned with a slight gasp. Jacob chuckled.

-“What? Are you a pure maiden of something~” He scoffed and saw Kath flush even more.

-“Look, I don’t feel like talking about this now.” She said angrily and he laughed. Kath, taken by surprise, made a sullen face. “It’s not funny.”

Jacob, a tired grin on his face, passed before Kath and opened the door.

-“I need to change. I’m sure you don’t feel like being here while I do this.” He said cunningly. Kath looked terrified for a second, then disgusted and then worried.

-“What if you fall while I’m~” She started.

-“Seriously, Kath?” He said and Kath hesitated a moment before leaving. She waited in front of the door, sure that she would hear him fall again but the noise never came and the only thing that broke the silence was the sound of the door opening.

-“There.” She heard from behind her. “You can go, I’m going to bed now.”

Kath spun around, thinking he would wear the clothes he’d brought along with him but she was met with his naked chest again.

-“Wuh~ I thought you said you were dressing.” She scolded.

-“I’m too hot to put my shirt on.” He said, walking next to her and into his room like a zombie.

Kath stayed frozen while she saw him enter his room and then heard another crash. Once again she heard a door open and a groggy voice ask if Jacob was okay. Mustering her courage, she grunted again, staying quiet until she heard the door close and then walked quickly to Jacob’s help.

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