Random Freestyle Writing Session 1 part 1

Delia was 24 when she inherited her parent’s farm. Her older brother wanted to live a city life and her parents were too old to work the farm. They had retreated to a smaller house they had owned as a summer cottage since she’d been young. Since she was the only one interested in taking the family business, her parents hadn’t hesitated to give her the property.

Soon, she’d been taking care of everything. The farm house was bigger than she would have liked but she liked it still. Mainly, the farm was an apple orchard. Since very young, she had learned the craft of brewing apple cider. Aside from the 50 trees, she had also a large garden where she grew countless vegetables and a peach tree that looked older than the earth itself. She possessed a few chickens that gave her a steady supply of eggs everyday, a cow that would give milk and an old mare named Mini. Mini was a big animal, a pure Belgian horse, strong and steady and yet calm and collected. She was the perfect workhorse for a farm.

Delia had grown up with all these things and she liked every bit of it. The work was tiresome and payed just enough to have a little savings left each month but, to her, it had always been interesting and rewarding. She earned enough from her harvests to pay for her bills and could even afford television.

Nonetheless, Delia had always been modest and, though she felt lonely in such a big house, she could do pretty much everything by herself. Sometimes, the thought of getting herself an employee to help around was alluring but she would shake it off. She’d never minded the loneliness after all and she had no money to pay her potential helper. And besides, she wasn’t really alone with old Mini and the countless cats that roamed the grounds of her propriety.

She had thought of getting a dog but she didn’t fancy the barking all that much and so she refrained herself. She had cried to much when her last dog had passed away too and the thought of going through the sadness once more didn’t sit well with her.


It was a late afternoon when Delia found the man. He had been dumped at the foot of the peach tree, dirty and mangled. At first, she’d thought he was dead. He wore an expensive black business suit that was ripped and torn everywhere, showing his white shirt under and his skin beneath. She had approached carefully, fearing to see blood but there was none. With the help of Mini and a few tools, she’d carried the man into the house and in a room.

She should have called the police or an ambulance but the man didn’t seem to be hurt, just passed out and she found a bump behind his head. Instead of calling, she put him to bed and told herself that he would soon wake up.

After placing him comfortably in a bed, she came back to the peach tree and scanned the surrounding in search of any clues. She found a black leather wallet that looked expensive and pocketed it before searching once more. After a while, she found a note farther. It’d seemed to have blown away in the wind. The note read “If you find him, please keep him. He’s not hurt, please do not call the police.” Delia stared at the note, making her way back to her home. She did her usual things before going to bed.


On the next day, as per usual, Delia raised with the sun. She went outside to feed and take care of her animals and then came back inside to make breakfast. She’d made enough for two, hoping the man would get up. She was kneeling in front of her living room table, watching television while munching on her food when she heard a roar. The roar turned to scream and she heard heavy footsteps and a thud, then the sound of countless doors opening and closing until the man in the ripped suit appeared in the door frame in front of her.

-“What’s this? Where am I? Who are you?” He screamed at her, his eyes opened so wide they seemed ready to pop out. “What the hell happened to me? What’s going on?” He kept raging.

Delia took a deep breath, keeping herself as calm and collected as she could.

-“My wallet! Where’s my wallet?” He suddenly crumbled to the floor. “Was I robbed?”

Delia sighed and put her fork down before opened a drawer near her. She tossed the leather wallet to the man who grabbed at it like a beggar grabs at a sandwich. He opened it, sprawling everything it contained on the ground. He looked disheveled and tired and he was sweating profusely.

-“Is that all…” He murmured quietly.

-“There was that too.” Delia said, tossing the note at him. He looked at it lengthily before his face turned to pure terror.

-“Oh, no no no no no no no~ This can’t be happening. Where am I? What’s going on?” He said, in a panicking tone.

-“You’re on a farm.” She answered calmly. The man looked around, completely lost.

-“A-a f-f-farm? Like… A farm? In the country side? A~”

-“A farm in the country side.” She cut. “You can go outside to look if you want to.”

The man went to his feet and walked to the front door. She heard the door open, then a long silence, and then a shriek. The man came running back inside and stopped before her again.

-“W-w-what? Why?” He said, looking completely distraught. “I-I need to call my father. I need to call~” He was loosing his composure again.

-“The phone’s in the kitchen.” Delia said between two bites of her food. “There’s food if you want too.”

The man didn’t answer, he just came back the way he’d come, opening and closing doors as he went. She heard him enter the kitchen and the clank of the phone. After a brief silence, his voice rose again.

-“Dad. No. Yes, I know. Wh~ No… No, you can’t do that. No. Dad, what about that girl? What? No~ No. DAD there’s no elderly couple here. No, she’s a young girl. Uh… But~ Ack! DAD! NO! no no no no no.”

At that moment, Delia entered the kitchen just has the man hanged the phone. Suddenly he was falling limp on the floor. He crawled into a ball. She thought he would cry or whine but he just stayed still and didn’t move a muscle again.

 Hey, Fanta here! This is my first Freestyle Writing session here. Woo! Just wanted to say, please leave a comment. Any constructive critiques will be taken into account here. Also, If you liked the story and want more, please tell me and I’ll try to write more.


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