High End Crush (KDrama) Quick Review


High End Crush is a Kdrama about a really rich CEO falling in love with a girl that lives in the woods.

At first, I wasn’t sure about this piece. It’s actually quite short with only 20 episodes of about 15 minutes each. What’s great is that its easy to binge a whole evening with hot choco hiding under 30+ layers of blankets.

Actually, there’s a lot of cheese in this. It kinda looks like a pack of Cheetos. You know, it’s cheese but there’s also the chips factor. What I’m trying to say is that it was pretty enjoyable even if a little cheesy at times. I liked it. A lot more than I thought I would even.

The first episodes are a bit boring but once you’re in it, it’s pretty good. I thought it would be another thing about the guy being a rich asshole but it was actually not quite this. Yes, the guy was a rich asshole, at first, but he soon became a fool in love. It was interesting to see him screw up all the time.

The main protagonist is a male? Male main character? Really? AHHHHHH this is so nice. I love when the main character is a guy. There’s not enough to be honest. And man, did that character grew on me over the episodes. The girl was savage too but a little blend.

It’s hard to reproach many things for such a short series. It felt more like a big movie I guess. But I can say that it had it’s flaws. I feel the plot was a bit everywhere. I feel that it ended too abruptly. I feel that it was a little too fast paced and it was tiring sometimes. Even so, it was good. I laughed a lot.

So recap: The plot was a little lacking but still good. The characters were nice but the girl was blend. The cast was cool, loved Jung Il-Woo, man that guy is hot. I got nothing to say about the OST this time.

I give High End Crush: fantarating4_54/5 Fantas. + ♥ for them abs.

High End Crush was short and felt a little rushed but It was actually pretty good. I found myself binging over it, finishing an episode and going to the next mindlessly, wanting to know how it’ll unravel. I’m not saying that this is a masterpiece. This ain’t no Goblin level of work! But it was good nonetheless. I say pick it up and watch for yourself.

That’s it for this week, folks. I’ll be back next Thursday with a new review!


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