31DFWC1 Entry 24

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Jacob started to walk down the street when he was stopped by Kath grabbing at his wrist.

-“Wait, Jay, you can’t just walk home in that condition…” She said with worry. “What if you lose consciousness again in the street? It’s so late, you might end up laying there until the morning and with this cold it’ll kill you for sure.”

Jacob turned his head around. He peered at Kath from the corner of his eye. His face was stiff and his skin looked clammy under the light of the streets lampposts.

-“What? You’re planning on escorting me home?” He said in a sigh.

-“If that’s what it takes then yes. I don’t think I can let you go all by yourself.” She looked at her feet, moving uncomfortably.

-“I don’t need it. It’s not safe for a girl to be out at this hour.” He said, leaving no room to argue.

-“I don’t care if it’s not safe for me. It’s least safe for you.” She insisted.

-“I’ll be fine.” He growled.

-“No you won’t. You passed out two times! Why are you being so headstrong?” She pleaded and Jacob sighed and silently complied.

They made their way to Jacob’s house slowly. Sometimes, he would lose his footing and almost collapse but Kath would stop his fall, staying by his side as they walked.

When they were finally there, he turned to her and waved lazily.

-“Thanks.” He said, turning to go inside but he lost his footing again and Kath had to run to stop him from crumbling to the ground.

-“That won’t do, Jay.” She said with worry.

-“It’s fine, my mom’s home. She’ll help if I fall. You should go home.” He said, panting through his words. Kath frowned.


-“What do you want to do, then?” He cut her off. She went quiet. “Come inside and help me to my bed? Well if that’s what you want, I don’t mind. Just come in. But be careful not to wake the monster sleeping downstairs. If you’re lucky enough, she won’t be on the couch.” Jacob chuckled to himself and his bloodshot eyes made him look crazy. His eyes rolled and he grabbed onto the door frame to stop his fall. “Ah, this sucks.” He growled with a curled mouth.

Kath frowned, looking displeased. She swallowed hard, looking at the house in front of her.

-“Ah, I’m going in. I really need to shower…” He said, grabbing the doorknob. He swayed, and rubbed the sweat off his forehead.

Kath stared at him struggling to go inside and sighed.

-“Hang on.” She said. “You can’t possibly shower in this state.”

-“I can and I will.” Jacob said finally opening the door. “I’m fine.” He whispered.

Kath looked at him go inside and loose his footing on the carpet. He tripped over a pair of shoe and the raised floor caught him with little to no noise. Kath couldn’t look at him being this helpless anymore and followed him inside.

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