Viki vs. DramaFever; Which one should you pick? or DramaFever? Two streaming services that are sure to quench you thirst of Dramas but which one should you really choose? Is there one that is better than the other? What are the pros and cons? Well let me tell you!

Actually, I pay for both services. They cost approximately the same, if you’re not the kind that download their stuff to watch offline and wants to get a Roku that is. But there’s a long time battle between those two and, while I don’t mind paying for both and getting exclusives from both sides, I feel both have their very own pros and cons.

Viki and DramaFever are both legal. DF is ran by a branch of Warner Bros while Viki is a company by itself now ran by Rakuten.


Let’s start by talking about my least favorite; DramaFever. I feel this provider is misleading. You pay to watch in HD but don’t be fooled. You pay to watch the newest shows in HD. You know the old stuff? Coffee Prince? Uh… You’re Beautiful, and all that. Yeah, those. They’re NOT in HD. There is no way it could be my internet provider so yeah.

But you might not actually pay for HD, maybe you’re paying the the exclusives? Maybe you’re paying to cut the ads. That’s what I do. Actually, I can’t watch some shows on Viki only because I’m in Canada and, therefore, I have to pay DF to get what I want.

Aside from this, I’m not afraid to say that DF is terrible. You would think that their subs would be good because they pay peeps to do it but NO, they are not. Their segging makes my eyes bleed and their subs are mediocre at best.

Now you might ask: “Fanta, why the hell do you pay for that crap?” Well, let me tell you. Aside from their exclusive contents, another reason I actually don’t mind paying for them is really simple: I’m a lazy potato. I like to watch my dramas sitting on my couch, munching on my cinnamon stick like a QUEEN! My tv is an old ass piece of shit so it’s not very smart. BUTTTTT DF has an Xbox One app~~ OH yeah! And so, if you don’t fancy your rock hard computer chair that much, you can always couch potato with DF. For me, at least, that’s a good enough reason to pay.


Now, let’s talk about Viki. I love it. People tends to think that the subs will be shit because it’s subbed by the fans but they are wrong. I love fan subbing much more and they put so much care in it that it’s definitely better than DF.

The community is nice and the reviews aren’t filled with Spanish, which, to be honest, is pretty nice (I’m sorry, now it is). You can actually contribute to Viki and if you do it enough, you can get your pass for free! How cool is that?

I don’t have anything to say about their exclusives, I feel that DF steal all the good content from them. If it wasn’t for that Xbox app and those exclusives, I’d only pay for Viki. They have much more content and it’s dope.

Also, even their old shows gets the HD they deserves. It looks pretty good on my 1080p computer screen and most of them are actually really in 1080p. Which is always nice. You know, getting what you pay for?

Edit: Here, I need to clarify something that is very important and very dear to my heart. When you get Viki pass, you are not paying for the subs, you are paying for the show, HD and without ads. And paying to view the exclusives. NOT THE SUBS. Many people makes the mistake of getting a Viki pass thinking that they will get all the subs in record time. You won’t. The volunteer at Viki are the ones making the job. They are precise and, for the on-air shows, very very fast. But always remember that those people aren’t paid to make those subs and they have lives just like you and me. So, I will repeat it once more. Don’t ask for subs in the review or the comments. YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR THE SUBS. Read those terms. Accept them. If you are too precious to wait for the VOLUNTEERS to be done with their “work”, don’t get the service. And if you get the Viki pass, DO NOT shit on the volunteers.


In the end, the provider you get depends on your own tastes more than on the expenses. Get viki or DF, it’s really up to you. If you can, get both. Why not?

All I’ll be saying is that both lack a lot in Japanese content so I’m sad. But seriously, if you love Dramas and want to watch them, go on a websites that’s legal and make sure that you give them love. Pirating might look really nice from a certain point, but I mean, for a 5 bucks pass, you get your steady supply for a month. You pay that much for milk every week. Come on! Ditch that pack of Cheetos and pay for the mediums you are consuming, be it music, a game or your favorite show. They might not look like it, but making those things are incredibly expensive and the content creators will appreciate your attention.

Yep, I’m trying to raise awareness. I never tell you where I’ve watched my shows for a reason. I assume that you guys/gals are old enough to find a place to watch them, I only hope that you’re responsible enough to pay for what you love.

That’s it for now. I hope I helped you into choosing which one you should go with.


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