31DFWC1 Entry 23

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Kath was suddenly stuck under Jacob’s heavy weight. His body had fell over on her and she was struggling to breathe. He was only halfway on her, though, with his left arm slumped over her. The thing was that her right feet and arm were stuck under him. She wiggled a little, trying to free herself but to no avail.

Like this, his face was just too close for comfort but she forced her eyes to wander on the pale skin under his hood. He looked all wrong, his lips were pale and he seemed to be breathing too hard. Sweat made his hair stick to his forehead. “A fever?” She thought. But she had no time to think further, she was stuck under a human body and the mass was pressing onto her chest. With every moment, it was harder to draw breath.

She tried to push but she couldn’t even move him slightly. She squirmed and twisted, hoping to move the snow enough to get away but failed. Not knowing what to do anymore, she grabbed a hand full of snow and slammed it on Jacob’s face.

She saw his face contract and then his eyes opened, wide and bloodshot. For a moment, they searched their surroundings and then he coughed. Slowly, his arms moved to the ground and the weight lifted off of Kath’s chest. Her eyes dipped in his and she froze.

-“Jay, can’t you get off?” She asked in a whisper. “You;re heavy.” Jacob’s gaze danced on her face, empty and dark.

-“No.” He muttered. Kath frowned and pushed him.

-“W-why? G-g-get off.” She said nervously. Her face had flushed and Jacob saw panic in her eyes.

-“I can’t.” Jacob said calmly. He moved his head to look in at his body but his hood prevented him to see. “I think my legs are asleep.”

Jacob felt calm. Too calm, even. His mind was strangely at peace. He felt heavy and damp but it was like his spirit was floating in a void. The silence of the night was so deafening that he could have believed he’d lost his ears if it wasn’t for Kath’s heart, thumping so hard it might have just leaped out of her chest.

-“Just push me, I’ll try to roll over.” He said.

His voice seemed to calm Kath a little but she was still flushed. She pushed at his shoulder with all her might and he grimaced.

-“It seems that you’re not strong enough.” He scoffed.

He grinned and Kath’s eyes widened. She pushed again and this time, he rolled on his back. The sudden movement made him grab Kath’s wrist and she toppled over along with him. Finding her face still too close to him after all her efforts to get away she recoiled but was stopped by Jacob’s grip. Her eyes rolled and Jacob finally realized that he was holding onto her. He awkwardly let go of her hand. His surroundings started to spin and he closed his eyes gently.

Kath was rubbing at her wrist. When she raised her eyes. He seemed to have passed out in the snow again. She hesitantly approached, scared that he might grab onto her once more. She pocked him on the cheek but there was no reaction. She took off one of her mitten and carefully placed her hand on his forehead. She frowned, unable to see if he was too hot. She tried with her wrist and saw that he was hot. Hotter than he should have.

-“You’re burning up.” She said quietly. “What am I supposed to do with you…”

She got closer again and knelt in the snow, feeling the cold creep through her old tattered jeans. Jacob’s face looked peaceful this time. His breathing was calm but he was still sweating and he was way too hot.

-“Come on, Jay. You have to get up. I can’t drag you home…” She said. “Who am I supposed to ask for help? It’s not like I can call an ambulance. My parents would kill me… I can’t pay for it…”

Seeing that there was no reaction, she grabbed another hand full of snow and smacked it on his forehead. Nothing. He didn’t even move this time. Kath was starting to panic, frantically shaking him.

-“Wake up! Come one, wake up!” She whined. “Jay~”

She approached even more, her face over his, shaking him with all she had.

-“Get up, dummy. You can’t sleep on the temple’s ground.” She pleaded. “You can’t do this to me. I wanted to talk to you. You’re going to pass out on me like that? Fine, then, I won’t tell you. You won’t know and it’ll be your fault. Wake up~”

Her whispers were gradually becoming screams and she finally placed both of her hands on Jacob’s face. Silence crept back on the temple’s ground. The cold bit at Kath’s face and she felt something hot crawl on her face, down to her chin. It fell on Jacob’s face; A tear. Kath was a wreak at this point, her mind blank and her heart ripped by the claws of fear. She didn’t know what to do anymore. Was he going to die? It was ridiculous of her to think that way but having him pass out two times in such a short period of time made her worry for the worst.

Another tear fell on Jacob’s face and, suddenly his verdant eyes were open. Gloved hands grabbed at Kath’s wrist and tugged. Kath’s face was now uncomfortably close to Jacob’s and she flinched but was unable to get away.

-“Warm rain drops are for summer, Kath. Stop crying.” He scolded, frowning. “I’m not dead.”

-“B-b-but~” Kath blurted. Jacob released her hands and his gloves came to wipe her tears away.

-“I just need more sleep is all.” He said, trying to get up. The snow gave up under his hand and he slipped back down. His eyes were heavy and for a moment he thought he would pass out again. “Ah~ My bad. I made you worry…” He sighed. This time, he was able to sit himself up.

His eyes looked dull and lacking of its usual color and he took his head in his hand. He wiggled his feet and then got up. Kath only stood there. She had stopped crying and her gaze was empty and glassy. Jacob offered his hand to her but was met with no reaction. He grabbed on her wrist and got her up to her feet. There were damp spots on her jeans where the snow had melted under her knees.

-“I should go to bed.” Jacob said in a groggy voice. “Let’s talk another time.”

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