31DFWC1 Entry 18

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Kathelyn was putting on her heavy winter’s coat when she saw someone approaching from the corner of her eyes.

-“Jeremy isn’t there?” A low voice asked. She raised her eyes to see Jacob, tall and handsome as usual.

-“He has soccer practice.” She said, nervously.

-“I’ll take you home.” Jacob said, slumping his bag over his shoulder. She stared at him strangely for a second then looked away.

-“You don’t have to…” She hesitated.

-“We’re going in the same direction.” Jacob cut blankly. Kath raised her eyes towards him and smiled.

-“You walk much faster than me, though.” She pointed at his long legs and his eyes followed her finger.

-“I’ll walk slower. Let’s go.” Jacob turned around.

He heard her gather her things and follow quietly. They both left school in silence. When they were finally onto the street, Kath hesitantly spoke.


Jacob looked up to her. She seemed embarrassed and he tilted his eyes to the side, waiting for her to say something else.

-“Will you be going this week end?” She finally asked.

-“Don’t know.” Jacob answered, looking in front of him once more.

-“Ah~ Can’t you come?” She asked. “I can’t go with only Jemy. It’ll feel too awkward.”

Jacob sighed. Since Jeremy was back, Kath and him would always play around like they used to but now, he could tell that Kath was nervous to be alone with him. For a moment, his eyes were lost in the snow around him. Jeremy was the one to invite him first but he didn’t want to be the third wheel. His eyes slipped to Kath who was kicking at the snow while walking. She seemed bashful and when she raised her eyes to look at him, they both adverted their gazes.

-“Why do you want to go there, anyway?” Jacob finally asked.

-“There’s something I need to pray for.” She answered shyly.

Jacob hesitated again. Those who pray on that day pray for love or loved ones. It could be for her own family but it was most likely for her own love life. Suddenly, he felt a little curious but also a little sad. It’d probably meant that Kath had someone she liked. “I can understand why she doesn’t want to go alone with him.” He thought. “I’d feel bad too if I were her.”

-“Fine. I’ll go.” he agreed.

-“What? Seriously?” Kath shouted joyfully.

-“Mmh. Yeah.” He said again, scratching his nose with his glove.

Actually, he felt like smiling because of how happy she looked and tried his best to hide it under his hand.

-“It’ll be the three of us like before huh?” She said. “Actually, going back there makes me a little nervous. You promise me you won’t beat him again?” She grinned and Jacob clenched his fist.

-“I’ll try.” He said too seriously. Kath’s face fell into mild terror but he grinned and she stared at him, speechless.

-“Ah~ You scared me~” She said in a gasp and laughed.

-“Sorry.” He chuckled.

Suddenly, Kath stopped dead in her tracks and he turned to look at her. She seemed fixated on his face and he felt embarrassed. She approached a little and he recoiled, taken by surprise.

-“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile, Jay…” She trailed off. Jacob’s face had turned to a marble statue, completely expressionless.

-“Is that so.” He muttered.

His deep green eyes fell on Kath and she moved nervously before walking again. He followed. The rest of the way back, they talked only about school and their homework. Jacob walked Kath to her home before heading to his own.

When he was finally back, he ate, took care of his homework, showered and studied a little. After that, he lied on his bed, waiting for his parents to fight again but it never came and, after a while, he was just too tired to wait anymore and went to sleep.

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