31DFWC1 Entry 17

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-“It’ll be Valentine’s day next week, anyway. Why don’t you just go out with me? Let’s go to the temple together. It’ll be fun!” Jeremy said joyfully, biting into an apple. Kath threw him a disgusted look.

-“You can always dream. There’s no way I’m going with you, ass face.” She said, pouting. Jeremy laughed.

The both of them had been throwing those kinds of remarks since Jeremy was back. It was just the way it had always been and there was no way to tell that those two had been apart for so long. Jeremy had kept asking Kath out for the past month or so but she kept denying him and he would constantly laugh it off.

-“Then, what if we go with Jay?” Jeremy pointed at Jacob who was quietly sipping at his juice box.

-“Only if you’re not there.” She snickered. Jacob, taken by surprised, crushed his juice box and choked on the content that had invaded his lungs.

-“What?” He asked with a frown.

-“Ah~ Jay, she just asked you out. Lucky.” Jeremy cackled, louder than Jacob would have liked. He saw Kath frown and flush a little.

-“This wasn’t what I meant.” Kath tried to defend herself.

At that moment, a girl approached their trio. She seemed intimidated.

_”J~jacob?” She asked with a little voice. Jacob’s face hardened. “Could I talk to you for a moment?” She fidgeted with her hands, avoiding their looks.

-“If you wanna say something, spit it out. I’m not moving.” Jacob said roughly.

Jeremy and Kath turned to look at each other. Jacob had been even sharper than usual these last weeks. When they had asked him about it, he only had denied it and left. Now, even his reputation of knight was starting to darken.

-“Okay.” The small voice answered before they could react. “I was wondering if you were free this weekend…” She trailed off. Jacob’s eyes were piercing and she looked a little scared.

-“OH~ You see~” Jeremy started with a sly grin. “Those two are going together.”

-“Oh…” The girl’s eyes darkened. “I see. Never mind then. Sorry to have disturbed you~” She muttered before leaving.

-“What’s wrong with you?” Kath screamed at Jeremy, hitting him on the arm.

-“What?” He laughed. “We’re going, the three of us~ I just omitted to tell her I’d be there!”

Kath hit him once again and Jeremy laughed even harder. Jacob, on the other hand, wasn’t laughing. He hated that time of the year. Girls all around would come to ask him out. Valentine’s day was such a negative experience to him that he had wondered if he needed to be at school on that date. A year prior, he had been so stressed by it that he had ended up staying at home for three whole days, throwing up and feeling sick.

Suddenly, he was on his feet and walking out the door. Jeremy got up behind him.

-“Jay! Wait up. Where are you going?” He asked.

-“I need fresh air.” Jacob answered and left. Jeremy followed.

-“Jemy~” Kath said under her breath.

-“I’ll be back.” Jeremy answered then left as well.

Jacob was found on the rooftop, not even wearing a coat. The stinging air bit at his face but he did not care. Jeremy approached carefully.

-“You okay?” He asked.

-“I’m fine.” Jacob answered.

-“You don’t look fine to me.” Jeremy threw back. “Is it because of those girls? Or is it because of Kath?”

-“Huh?” Jacob’s face curled into a complicated frown.

-“I mean, Kath said she’d go with you, no?” Jeremy said hesitantly.

-“That’s not what she meant.” Jacob spat.

-“I’m sure it is. Look, I still don’t know why you’re holding back… I was too late. I don’t think she’ll ever want me back. I’ve accepted that fate. If she likes someone else, I’m ready to let go. But I’m not going to leave her just to anyone.”

Jacob stayed silent, his green eyes watered by of the cold.

-“You’re not anyone.” Jeremy finally said. “If there’s someone I can give her to, that’d be you.”

Jacob slowly turned around. He looked completely calm but his insides were a storm and he tilted his head to the side.


-“I’m telling you” Jeremy said. “that you should go for her. I’ll be routing for you.”

After a gentle tap on the shoulder, Jeremy left the rooftop, rubbing his arms together, trying to heat himself. Jacob was left alone. The storm in his guts was now a complete void. Suddenly, he felt himself smile.

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