Goblin (KDrama) Quick and Full Review

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! Today is special so this week, I’m releasing the review 2 days earlier.

There’s so much I need to talk about right now so I decided that I would do a quick review first and then expend on it. Here I go:

Goblin is a KDrama of 16 episodes haired from December 2016 to January 2017. It is about a really old Goblin who awaits his bride to finally meet his end.

This drama will drop on your hearth like a bomb. The plot was amazing, it was amazingly directed and the cast was just fantastic with such a good chemistry. I would have maybe wished for a different ending but what can you do, this is a tragic love story after all.

The OST was so fantastic. Now, just listening to certain songs can make me cry. This is painful…

You are sure to laugh and cry and you might even cry while you laugh… This was crushingly beautiful. I thought I would get pretty frustrated over this drama as any other tend to make you feel so angry but not this one. I wasn’t frustrated once while watching this. I even had moment where the music cued and I had those sudden goose bumps.

I expected the age gap between the two characters to be problematic when I started it but I was wrong. This was such a pure love that I wasn’t bothered at all.

I give Goblin a well deserved : fantarating5_5 5/5 Fantas. + about 3000x♥ for all the times I cried, laughed and laughed and cried at the same time. + many more ♥ for the awesomeness.

I thought I wouldn’t like it. The fantasy part scared me a little. Turns out it was a masterpiece.

Here’s the expended part:

First of all, I didn’t think I would see such a familiar part of the world there. After 2 episodes, I was seriously baffled. The city they go to in the show is Québec, situated literally 2 hours from my hometown and about 4 hours from where I sit right now. I could feel the QC accent in all the English words those guys said. I was really surprised. When they said Canada, I thought the English part. Then I thought Montreal but nope. This was “Le Vieux Québec” The old part of the city. Apparently, we exist to that part of the world huh… I’m just a little sad they didn’t speak in french even once.

Okay enough about that, lets talk about the cast. It was amazing and ohh damn all those handsome men! Those handsome crying men! They crushed my hearth so hard and they had such good chemistry. Now I’m not only missing the characters of the story but I’m also craving the actors as well.

Gong Yoo was goddamn good. Man, he’s so much older than me and yet he’s so handsome. I saw him in Coffee Prince, I wasn’t impressed to be honest there. Kim Shin felt like a character he could relate much more to.

Lee Dong-Wook looked so much like a reaper there. And, oh, his outfits killed me. He kinda looked like a vampy. I think it’s funny.

And those guys together just ad-lib constantly. All the funniest moments were just those guys saying what they wanted. Uhuh, I feel so dead now.

The female characters, aside from being acted very well, were strong and feminine and Sunny was such an interesting character.

The characters were lovable and so well written. The story was tragic and yet they made you love every bits of it.

The OST, like I said, was memorable and amazing. It made a really great part of how you felt so crushed sometimes.

I feel like there was so much effort poured into everything. The CG wasn’t too bad. Some scenes even impressed me. (I studied 3D; impressing me is a little hard…)

Now, I’ve cried so much that I’ve emptied myself at least twice. Yesterday, my eyes were hurting so bad from all the crying and I was dehydrated!(To you this might be later on this week but I’m writing this on the 11th of February) My boyfriend keeps asking me if I’m alright and I just laugh and cry at the same time telling him that I’m okay. I’m a big sentimental when it comes to this so of course I cried buckets of tears. That doesn’t mean you will cry as much as me. Even funny and happy scenes made me cry sometimes, I just felt so crushed inside.

Seriously, go watch it. I say it’s even worth putting money on. Like, buy the dvd. If they go out with English subs, I might seriously do that.

Okay, I’m done rambling. That’s it for now. Bye and have a wonderful lover’s holiday! (Even if your lover is your house cat. It’s okay, you can find love in the way you feel comfortable with.)


4 thoughts on “Goblin (KDrama) Quick and Full Review

    • Thanks!! ^-^ yes, we need more drama like this one out there. It was just incredibly good. When well executed, supernatural stories are always my favorite xD I hope we can get something that’s as good soon.

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