31DFWC1 Entry 15

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Jacob threw himself down the stairs of the main entrance of his school. The air was less cold than usual and he embraced the humid wind on his face. His hair danced in front of his eyes as he put his hand in his coat’s pocket.

-“Hey! Jay!” A male voice screamed.

Jacob froze and spun around. There was Jeremy, running to him. Jacob tensed. He felt his hand close into fist. When he was finally next to him, Jeremy grimaced.

It had been about two week since the Festival. The winter’s break was finally over. It had roughly been 16 days since last class. Jacob hadn’t seen Jeremy since then and he hadn’t talked to him that day either. At break and lunch time, Jeremy had took off. Now, he was there, right in front of him.

-“Hey… I’m sorry, okay…” Jeremy said apologetically. “You sure know how to throw a punch!” He stopped to see what Jacob would do but he stayed still, his green eyes devoid of expression. “Look, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that about Kath, I know she has a big complex about it… I just wanted to piss you off…”

Seeing that Jacob wouldn’t show any expressions at all, he grabbed him by the shoulder and led him to a bench. He forcefully sat him down.

-“You know…” Jeremy started then trailed off and sighed. “I liked Sarah all these years, and I could finally go out with her so I was really happy. But then, you started to go around with Kath all the time. She’s my childhood friend. The truth is, I felt pretty jealous…” Jeremy played with his hand nervously. “I’m not with Sarah anymore. She’s a player really… And… I think I like Kath… That day at the festival, I felt pretty betrayed. You were mean to Sarah… You were alone with Kath… And she had that flower too… I should have been the one to give it to her but I was being greedy and stupid.” He sighed again.”Sorry, I don’t make much sense.” He hesitated. “I decided to tell her tonight. I like her so… Could you please stop hanging out with her…”

-“No.” Jacob cut him off. It was the first thing he had said and Jeremy was suddenly at a loss.

-“But~” Jeremy started.

-“Kath makes her own choices. You make yours and I’ll make mine.” Jacob cut sharply. He got up from the bench and walked away, leaving a speechless Jeremy behind.

Jacob wasn’t mad for what Jeremy had said on the day of the Festival anymore. The punches he had thrown and the long break off school were enough to settle things for him. Now, he was only mad because of how greedy Jeremy was.

He felt his phone buzz and looked. It was a text from Jeremy. He didn’t look at it and just threw it back into his pocket. The snow crunched under his feet and he felt dizzy. “Jeremy is going to tell Kath tonight…” He thought, at a loss. “If she says yes…” Suddenly, Jacob felt a clawed hand grab at his heart.

He walked back to his house in a daze. When he was finally home, he couldn’t even remember how he had made his way back.

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One thought on “31DFWC1 Entry 15

  1. This one is short and I must say, I’m not proud. The thing is I started to train and my arms are a wreck right now. I hope I can make it better tomorrow.


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