31DFWC1 Entry 14

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Jeremy was frowning when the girl at his harm looked up at him and smiled brightly.

-“You didn’t tell me your friend was so handsome.” She turned to Kath and Jacob and approached. “You must be Kathelyn.” She said. “What a pretty flower! Did your boyfriend give it to you?” Kath blinked a few times, taking the rose to her nose.

-“Well, not really.” She said.

-“Ah, I see.” The girl said, still smiling. “And you must be Jacob.” He nodded in silence. “I didn’t expect you to be this good looking. Say, do you have a girlfriend?” Jacob’s eyes darkened as she took another step his way.

-“I’m not the dating kind.” He said sharply. He felt Kath’s eyes dance on his face and looked at his feet.

-“Oh, I see.” She said, taken aback by his answer. “Well, it’s nice to meet you two. I’m Sarah.”

She extended her hand to Kath who shook it timidly, trying her best to smile. Then, she turned to Jacob. He stared at her hand for a second and frowned. She waited a little, hand in the air but, seeing that he wouldn’t shake it, she finally hid it in her pocket, a little embarrassed. She  returned by Jeremy’s side and, turned around one last time to wave, then disappeared in the crowd of her friends.

Jeremy’s frown deepened and his mouth curled in anger.

-“You could have been nicer, Jay. She the one.” He said. “What did she do to you, huh?”

-“Jeremy! You know Jay is~” Kath started but Jacob put a hand on her shoulder and she stopped to look at him.

-“I’m not sorry.” He said, turning around to leave.

-“Is that it?” Jeremy asked. “You were scared? Are you going to be a coward all your life?” The statement made Jacob stop and turn.

-“Yeah.” He growled.

-“Seriously! You’re so desperate! Look at you! How lame!” Jeremy scoffed.

-“Says who.” Jacob said, turning around again.

-“I know you’re covering up for Kath. Is that it?” Jeremy roared. “Why are you mad for something that isn’t your business? Huh? You like her? Is that it?” Jacob stopped. He clenched his fist so hard that he felt pain. “You love her! I didn’t know you were into boys, Jay!” Jeremy laughed.

Jacob spun around and rushed to Jeremy who was preparing another insult and, with all his force, punched him in the jaw. Jeremy recoiled, holding his face. Blood ran down the broken flesh of his upper lip and he snorted.

-“Eh, such a nice couple. A girl in a boy’s body and a boy that hits like a girl!” Jeremy said, visibly dizzied by the hit.

Jacob just rammed into him again and hit his face with his knee. Jeremy fell on the ground, now bleeding from his nose as well.

-“I don’t give a shit about what you might think of me, Jeremy. But insulting Kath for no reason is just a dick move.” He said. He kicked snow on Jeremy’s face. “I’m not the coward here. Do you even know how she might feel, seeing that bratty girl around your arm? You better give her your answer or I’ll pop yours off.”

Suddenly, Jacob felt a small hand around his arm and saw Kath looking at him with tears all over her face. He threw one last disgusted look at Jeremy and followed Kath.

She quietly led him to a bench and threw him on it.

-“Jay~” She started, chocking on her tears. “You didn’t have to beat him like that…” Jacob dipped his deep green eyes into hers. They were tainted with furry.

-“This time, it wasn’t for you.” He growled despite himself.

She let out a sigh and plopped on the bench next to him. She chuckled through her tears.

-“I thought you might kill him.” Her smile was bitter and she sniffled.

-“You weren’t scared I might get beaten?” He asked, his voice softer.

-“No…” She chuckled again and chocked on her cries. “You were way too mad.” This time she laughed even more. It was a nervous laugh, the kind you cannot help after having been so scared. “I knew you were strong but I didn’t expect you to beat Jeremy like that…”

-“I train when I’m bored.” He answered, looking away. “I’m bored often…”

It wasn’t a lie though the truth was a little different. Some years ago, he had started to fear that his dad might hit his mom. Just in case, he had started to build a little muscle. He’d never train very seriously. He had heard that training when young might halt your growth but it never halted his and he was now bigger and much stronger than his dad. He kept training in his room when he would be bored, which would happen on most days.

Jeremy was a sport guy but, as a soccer player, his legs were the stronger part and Jacob was much taller and larger than him.

-“I took him by surprise.” He affirmed. “Else, he might have won.”

Kath nodded slowly but he could tell she did not believe him. He just ignored it and crossed his arm over his chest. He waited there until Kath had calmed down and then got up. He raised his hand towards her.

-“Sorry if I scared you…” He hesitated.

-“It’s okay.” She said, grabbing his hand. “Just don’t do it again…” Jacob tugged and got Kath on her feet.

-“I hope it’ll leave a scar.” He growled bitterly. He was still angry. Kath threw him a scolding look.

-“I didn’t know you could be that angry.” She said, smiling.

-“It’d be better if you’d get angry too.” He said, pulling her tuque over her eyes. “Next time, you’ll be the one to beat him up.”

He turned around and started walking. Kath hurried behind him and grabbed his hand, holding onto it. He was stunned for a second but did his best not to show it. He just kept walking as if it was a normal occurrence.

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